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When it is all thoroughly dissolved, take your medicine dropper and drop 26% Ammonia Water into it one drop at a time; at first it will turn dark; keep dropping the ammonia until it becomes clear again, which will generally take about thirty drops; stopping the addition as soon as it clears.

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either its for post work or he used a cnc to engrave it
you can prob melt it in
but itll likely vaporize before its encased
metal fumes are pretty common for coloring glass
like, in glass pipes
the yellow/blue colors are copper, and the pink/orange stuff is gold
all the color changing stuff is metal fumes

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its still mounted tho
like did he machine off the resist?
maybe he mounted after to cut them out but i figure by that point he would have removed the resist
i slept almost all day yesterday
i didnt get home till maybe like 8a tho

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greymoon: pretty

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ive had one as a kid and one recently done by psychologists or psychiatrists or whichever does that stuff
and taken a few on the interweb and they are all within a few points
when ive taken one with an actual person the test is alot different, tho
lots of weird little puzzles and simple multipart tasks

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no they were pretty underdriven until the end
i had earplugs so i was like 3ft from the subwoofer banks
the last half of the last set like, the speakers were like pushing air in and out of my nose
like, my DC breathing pattern had this weird AC component

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heh i got the speaker security guy to wear his ear plugs and he made her wear hers
haha she was there the whole show except the very very end, thats pretty hardcore
even i left once for water and skittles and bacon wrapped hotdog
macegr: they had some 3d rgb array on display outside
i has pics

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the security girl by the speakers i was at has almost no bewbs =(
she had a baggy shirt

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so was like 40x 12" woofers, 20x tweeters, 48x 18" subwoofers
jezus fuck no im half asleep i cant be doing anything productive id fuck it up
the house area sound system was better
i went with a friend to look for other friends in there
was like being at a wallmart

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oh neat i can see how bad this cam is at picking up audio on its mic
he lost his phone
he claims he threw it at roni size
but he also claimed at once point he wrestled with roni size
ths speakers came from here i think
they said RAT SOUND TECHNOLOGIES with the same rat logo, but doesnt look like they have any of that stuff listed\
but the pic of that speaker in the banner is what they made the line arrays out of
the long sideways one, i think its 2x12 and a horn
they had 10 hanging on each side

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no energies
went to 4am this year
and then
the drunker member of our party took an extra hour to get back to the car
which is retarded because one of our friends is in a wheelchair half the time
so we had a handicap thing and we basically parked at the entrance
so instead of leaving at 4:15 getting home by 6, we didnt get out of the parking lot until 6
(i drive of course because everyone else is drunk)

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