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u hi
yeah really
i was thinking like, wireless big speakers
you would still have to plug them in
or wireless signal comm from processors to mixing boards to amps
im ok
its fuckin early

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thats one instrument
absolute worst case it totally fails and some guys flies out with a new guitar
at least cable failure is easy to track down and deal with
like, you see wireless mics at awards shows and political events and other stuff where its just speech
like, most every concert ive been to everything is cables
i prefix liked twice in two lines

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i kinda like the double 8 were coming out with
i dunno what my discount is
say again
doesnt exist yet
its basically done tho
theyre mostly going to europe
i ended up doing the crossover PCBs for the series of speakers
i think putting music over wireless is neat for home but i would expect it to be flakey and for pro its just a bad idea

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im going to move the tweeter around to see if i can get them matched
haha wow at moving bandsaw
haha its like a bandsaw bot

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guys whats [ex0r]
eck0|wrk: haha neat
anyway this sounds like a neat job youll get to learn to work new stuff
thats cool
its kinda calming down at work i can prob get back to using up the gear before/after work
yeah thats what i want to do
i made this open back box
to mount the woofer and the sidecar tweeter thing

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eck0|wrk: score job, fill bong, celebrate
guys how come unconnected thruhole chinapcb pads are always coming off
i was solder sucking 1/4w resistor pads
and the sucker was just pulling up whole pads
what you have now sounds like a catastrophe waiting to happen
youre still working for exgf's dad, no?
yeah bad scene

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you got job or what?
yes, *
stu spy

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whats [ex0r]afk
mblunt acts 5 sometimes, so maybe
she races cars or something
like i guess when she was a little kid

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i guess you could use the wood as eck0bait

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its not eck0proof

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i have one turkey pesto parmesan burger thing left

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k ty nite

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`nico: neat at backspacing m/ out to get big pic
you site works all sane and shit
oh, yeah so @ last pic

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wonder if my pesto parmesan turkey burgers are done
wtf url
are you blind

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longcat: theres like dozens of those
you can hit back on nicos
so its > fukung

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hehe classic
`nico: why is there so many pics of painted nails
saved to local
hey neat its signed

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how come we dont have techy looking money like that
fuck the new pink and blue stuff it looks fake
$10 looks the fakest

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`nico: haha wat
this sucks i have china heatsink cuts all over my fingers
im not sure if this is better or worse than papercuts
that one is kinda neat
you can like rapid click it keeps up

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someone i knew from group homes when i was a kid
kittens yay
k i have to go buy tickets bye

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theres only one there i maybe wouldnt do
tho if she was cool okay probably her too
holy shit is that katie greenfield
shes supposed to be dead or something
oh 2007 no wai if shes not dead shes prob not anywhere close to that hot
also i think she was slightly dorkier looking

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thats awesome if i dont think about the lotion smell
last two are good

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jes exactly
tho thats right when they were fucked, financially, and sold themselves to stanton
so i think maybe thats why there was so many CV horns at all those festivals for a couple years
but also, in regards to awesome sets in san bernadino
haha everytime i seen dieselboy there he trainwrecks, and looks bored doing it
so yeah hopefully they put dnb in the hangars
and not the dome

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`nico: im going to nocturnal wonder land at the national orange show in san bernadino
they have like, 4 hangar type buildings (shape and size) and one big geodesic dome (maybe 50 yards across?) for the venue areas
anyway, at audiotistic 2000 at this venue, they oversold and everyone showed up plus prob several thousand just hopped the fences
like, was supposed to be maybe 40K people and alot of people thing it was like double that
jurassic 5 and the roots were there too
it depends
if you have audiotistic 2000 dnb area sets, we will pay you for them
so back to the point
the hangars sound massive
at audiotistic, they had at least 20 and maybe 32 cerwin vega folded horns
like, stacked two high and maybe 5 or 8 wide both sides of the stage
with some jbl tops

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yes that too
in the news recently for being jailed in dubai over some specs of weed on his shoe or in his luggage or something
i guess he got out after a few months

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record/clothing shop
they sell tickets for massives there

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grooveriders has a new location across the street

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and i laughed and did a 'wat' and noted how much they pay me
and that they havent even paid me for the PCBs i did
whatever @ saying
it aint real in an office unless its recorded somewhere
kastein: yeah but thats a big office
so the beuracract is almost neccessary
ours is little, our office is under 20 people and more than half is marketing/accounting types
but like, corporate is in florida
i think they are like 200 peoples
so like, the 3000mi creates issues
and the fact that all three companies were made of used to be pretty big companies is the other issue

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haha @ work
florida is still being all flakey about paying me for those proto PCBs i did for them like two months ago
and now engineering vp and managers feel all bad about it
i also found another major issue, this time in a product weve been selling for years
ha, and im documented in email as noting that i am now embarrassed to be working for this company
when i asked who is supposed to sign off on all this electronic china shit from now on, so this doesnt happen anymore, and the manager was basically like, 'well, you are'

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magnetics vibrating
picture your camaro being launched into space with shuttle solid rocket booster
they wanted something to test DCR @ 4000W thru an 8R load
so i had to test my doombox
since we do 6db noise, we never run them over 1000W average, really
music like usually 18-12db crest
i dont know if we paid for them or theyre engineering samples

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maybe alot of 12s
its maybe doable
this isnt marketting 5000W
or like pulse 5000W
and this def aint class-d 5000W
you dont put this in a car
500A rms system =\
um no
i tested it
the 4000W one does 3700W into 8R at 1%
its a 4R amp
its prob more than 4000W
and thats with sine waves sustained for 10sec
before it was flipping its mains breaker
we test speaker with 1000W rms w/ 6db crest
6db is 4x power
so we need 4000W minimum to run our test signals unclipped
and theyre china amps from one of our factories
but this factory does PA stuff for alot of companies
dude its like 6000W coming from a toroid
that shit sounds like its gonna break apart

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damn we are like wage peers
that sounds worse than speaker stuff
hey neat
the coolest thing we have is 5000w china amps
no you cant handle them
too much power!
seriously your just flip your circuit breaker constantly
haha they wired one directly into 50A service im like, damn guys you didnt have to go that far
dude it would destroy that
if you put movie signals into it =\

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oh well if its her dads wtf of course shes gonna take it
it when you stop thinking about it
and yeah it does hurt playing awhile
yeah seriously
if i made what i did in mosrt other parts of the country id prob already be in a house
20/hr isnt 4k a month
well, before taxes
but who cares about that
fuck gross =(
month is 4.5 weeks
oh, maybe
yeah 4.threethreethreethreethree
i do like 2-4 a week

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to chill or do stuff?
well means no
you should do like a miniproject
one week minideadline
okay then it can be plugging in stk500
did you attach a wallwart to it yet?
oh yeah
oh neat
im lame i never practice bass
every once in awhile i walk up to it and figure out some bassline stuck in my head then i go away
you has to learn
go get a tab book and a chords book

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