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i hate those things

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fuck religion

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i think he fucked up fusing on his avr

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sometimes its weird
i hope not!

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but besides that i dont care if its blunts paranoia or stupidity
wtf ew
sourdough is #1

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im not sure what it has to do with net2chef
you put a ghb dispenser on the new chassis models?
inittab: 20:50 <@mblunt1> lol i wonder how much it would cost to get him beaten
inittab: !
blunt thinks inittab is ddos'ing him so hes gonna hire thugs to beat inittab up
because inittab made him lose at fake racing
ima have pb&j on sourdough
so i dont think so but i says inittab dont do that server belongs to efnet

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last link looks pretty neat

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yeah, theyre made for short duration current regulation
flash mode, they have a lower continuous power torch mode
thats why im like eh, because its advertised at 1A but it isnt, continuous duty
20:24 <@mblunt1> i think inittab was ddosing the server at one point
inittab: k if youre doing that, stop
i use that server
i would have been using it then but i fell asleep but im using it tomorrow!
if youre not, hahahahaha
im like whatever about if you are doing stuff to blunt

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wtf @ flash mode leds drivers
who cares about 1A long enough to make a flash
already in the history, im on to better ic
it was a natsemi llp thing if you want to look for them

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i dunno, i went to work for a week and forgot i guess

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gif documentary wtf

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yeah it looks so bummed out

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like my hf
no does it have the venting on the sides
oh ok
my HF rotors were completely solid i swapped up to crx si calipers because the vented rotors were like 1/3 the cost
for what
oil pan?
oh that sucks
hehe they usually notch the pan to fit the exhaust
almost everything fucked up in jp cars is easily explained by 'its to make it fit'

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omg you broke your crx brakes
the bolt for the slides?
snapped the head or somewhere inside?
my civic brakes were really simple/easy
the accord brakes was like, engineers are laughing at you
do they have a noise or you just feel it
it can be bad pads
are they solid or vented?
no shit?

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hmm some of it appears to be breaks and dub step
and some less desirable stuff
so youre on irc typing about it you better be ok or already back from the hospital

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and like i found seeded torrents for all of them
they started in 2001 theyre up to almost 50

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my high frequency tranducers you fuckin web2 goon
jaja yeah
yeah i thought you were joking heh
you supposed to have tea for lunch
coffee in the morning, tea for lunch, weed for dinner
thats prob not a bad thing
so there is this london club fabric and i guess on alternating months they do records/cds called fabric/fabriclive with like live mixed dnb sets

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i think my tweeters are fucked

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