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of course

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done yay

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documentation now =(

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urmom is a poorman
hey so im a winner again i didnt need that jumper
greymoon: hey do you think pcb photoplotters are mechanical or its some lcd mask or something
because like, if its on xy motors, 45deg traces would have photoplotter hauling at max speed

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rawk, just gotta connect grounds now
hey when did i start this shit
3 hours
one 0R jumper for more awesome grounding

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almost done with routing \o/

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almost done with placement
i think this is gonna be single sided .1" grid

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so yeah since all out amps are balanced input and the cd players we have lots of are RCA, im doing little direct input boards

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because im pissed off the stanton mixer/cdplayers combos we used to set source level for tests
i think they just grabbed these things from the warehouse so theyre prob service returns
its like 2 cd players with w a 2ch dj mixer
and the cd players lcd displays will freak out and the button leds will flicker random
and one of the engineers is like HEY WHY DONT YOU USE THE MIXING CONSOLES?
and theyre like big 16ch mixers, and im already having to deal with a clutter of gear
like wtf i dont need a $10k mixer i need like $2 in buffered attenuators
and like, they just mix down into two anyway =( so i would need to use two or three of them =\

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rab: hahaha, old w/ new caption

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oh shit i thought i had samples set to max but i didnt
it didnt raise the low end into view =(

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the black sun empire - future frame bass line drops underneath the bottom of the spectrogram
like you see big two big white bars on the bottom edge, then the last, lowest note just didnt show up =\
maybe this is a secret setting
hmm or maybe it has to do with the sampling time of the FFT

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shit have to go drop off paperwork

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not like its an uncommon gun so prob someone makes a replacement
yeah guns are neat, mechanically
which glock did you get?
normal size ones

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people will do them like 8' tall, or more if they have the cielings, and theres projects where they made a box with multiple woofers
like firing out
with a sonotube port sticking out the top
because its pretty light for its strength
other hacker is married, he has one
shes a russian mech engineer tho
he was going to give that to me actually
i dont really have room for it, tho
it doesnt stick out enough or something?
heh that kinda sucks

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tho like, ive heard subs built into little concrete bunker at the edge of a room and it sounded pretty neat
kevtris: sonotubes are practical for that
the cardboard tubes they use for casting concrete pillars
sonotubes are proven
diy audio people are junkies for them
its one of those furniture builds
like but yeah most people stand it up on little feet
with maybe 6" clearance
and mount the woofer firing up

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i think the subwoofer im working on now that other hacker designed is too big
studio monitor sub amp, for 12" thing
like 400W, but the amp plate is maybe bit under 18x18"
else i would gank an older preproduction sample
yeah if youre interested i can ask about it, i prob wouldnt even have to gank it
bass isnt directional it doesnt matter
in fact being able to move the sub isnt bad, because any room will have reflections that create like, pockets of different sound level in the room
because the source and reflection will mix and you get peaks and cuts depending on location

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rhettardo: i think shit is calming down to a normal level of all fucked up
so like there will be time and energies to continue rhett5.1 speaker machines
i have new speakerbook about taking measurements
ruining ears is bad!
haha i go thru maybe 2 or 4 of those squishy pink earplugs a day
yeah theyre assholes with the high end
because like people absorb it
the bass will roll thru the audience like whatever, so if they dont get abusive with the high end people in back wont hear it
be like, bathroom at the dnb show equalization
all bass no highs and marginal mids
haha i kinda like that sound =\

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see thats a good fuck my life
thats girls life is fucked
this, were riding in the car with my parents and my little bro said FUCK and said i told him to say it
this girls life is not fucked

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macegr: i might be doing long duration logging/protection thinger soon
i maybe get a couple of those
wow its like you are ignoring me or something =(

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If you don't mind the incorrect header position, this is your one-time (hopefully!)

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