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guys do you think woofer is dead
haha if it isnt i bet the frame is 100C+

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they teaching the kids about farm
wtf do they thing happens on farms

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inittab: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q7XH8lfGMc
crop circle day i guess

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rhett has a hot aunt too?
i have another friend with a hot aunt
everytime i saw her i would tell him and hed be like DUDE SHUT UP
poor guy

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whats fellout
fellout i think is the dark textures pack
i bet thats whats fuckin shit up
well, the graphical shit thats fuckin up

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inittab: its huge, fast travel kinda fucks it
it couldnt be shootemup
itd have to be the same shit except with a small team
smeone could be dogmeat

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but fuck if i know that shit is hard to figure out
its easier to just play with radioactive rain
also one of the texture mods is fucking up my characters skin textures sometimes
maybe the IR view mod for pipboy
night vision
maybe its the character reskin pack
im on that stupid tenpenny tower, assassinate mofos for body armor quest
inittab: it would be immoral
they would just have to make it net capable
and users would make it work
and it would be the end of gaming geek civilization
data centers will fall
21:11 <@inittab> no im saying the world needs to be ALOT bigger
not really
hey if this sold good they will prob remake old fallouts

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man i wanna get back to failout
hey i think that radioactive rain fucked shit up
no its installed i just havent done the intro quest
yeah did you ever tho?
i think it changes some of the variables used by the main game or one of the mods
like when you uninstall it, your rad meter on pipboy spins
and it says +1rad
but really its zero
its like offset by one
so your meter is spinning
and it *look* like youre always getting rads
but hey the funny thing is, i think you basically dont have functioning rads
so like, you cant die from it or something

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i wonder if some ants dont like it
all the ones who like it die
then the colony is only made up of ants who are like whatever at your ant death tasties

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no but he owns the del sol (crx)

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inittab: nawz too, dont do that

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oh yeah and if you drag race ford fiestas, permban
yeah rly
inittab: if you drag your crx, permban
i dont think he does tho
and his camaro is a respectable car to do silly 1/4mi shit

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so like most you guys new, and actually rhett eck0 and digi[out] arent new people to me, shrug
youre a little new
sometimes, sometimes potheads are annoying
its kinda like when youre watching a movie and david bowie starts singing and youre embarrassed to be a human being
longcat: drama and persistent stupidity dont seem to last long in here
like i dunno you can be stupid just dont be stupid about the same thing too many times
we have a one year limit on any project involving blinking LEDs
you get like a two week warning then its permban
also, if you talk about furniture, permban

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here too
fires are mostly out
there was this big white cloudy thing smashing into one of the closer peaks
i think it was maybe a cloud, i didnt see any fire there
that would mean the fire jumped across the 5 and hit the other side of the valley
rhett prob joined because i mentioned #projects when innitab kicked me here for shit in there
god DK fresh fruit is such a shit recording
so it early clash its like the guy has a cymbal fetish
punk ftw
dunno thats kinda the general attitude i guess
chan was half this size and same people for maybe 3 years now?

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its xtians fault they run everything
during the spanish inquisition accounting was one of the few jobs they were allowed to have
so yeah they maybe run all the money, but its because whitey put them in charge of all the money
i think digi[out] followed rhett
one doesnt exclude the other, in fact that would make it make even more sense
weather it was before or after

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but if you consider it with reincarnation in mind and that it spans multiple lifetimes
it actually means the exact opposite
hmm, i guess the exact opposite would be you get bad shit back, but thats not true either
or i guess opposite could mean you dont get good shit back, as opposed to do get
i hear this news imlike my life is changed zero
were you a big fan of ghost or something?
no like, why doesnt he believe
not why did he die

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timecop: kinda neat
<3 buddhists
karma in buddism is prob the biggest piece of religious doublespeak ever
like everyone thinks it means if you do good you get good shit back

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yeah its kinda awesome
we also have crazy german hardware to do this stuff semi-automatically
but its kinda acting up so i had to use my 4KW DRC meter doombox
but thats just for data logging i havent done a set of relay drivers to do amplifier cutoff
doing it systematically
they were pretty weak about blowing them up before
werent doing it with the science

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haha ima laugh when i get to work and the subwoofer and crawled across the room
last time it was doing a circle on its speaker cable like a dog on a chain
wai which
why it crawl?
why im breaking it?
because im not on salary and i dont have a key/alarm access
i am logging its DC resistance (temp monitoring and crisis sense) and amplifier output voltage (proof of pink noise average nominal power)

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morning hackers
`nico: i am remotely killing a woofer
i wish the system one pc had vnc i could check on the status of fail

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yeh really
why dont they just put asperin in the meat

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that looks tasty
neat they eat them cold
wiki says scottish egg isnt really scottish
thats prob why its good
its symbolic rab
chiken + sausage = scottish duck simulation
duck famine, never forget

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