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but yeah if youre just as likely to pull the exact wave peaks out as much as you are to hit nothing
theyll like spline curve it
oh, neat
thats smart

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like 20MHz
maybe the analog section
fuck nyquist he was a saleman
yeah if you throw a huge filter on it
for sampling waves
yeah fuck that =(
as least with like 5 points you kinda get a sinish wave
over a long enough time period
assuming you dont sync with the frequency and catch it at the exact wrong phase
even 3 points that cant happen
no youre at nyquist
exactly, you have to be, heh
breaking nyquist proves it works =(

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cap + avalanche diode would prob be the most paranoid way
the diode will die protecting you from that
you can use one diode but itll be more $$$
thats neat
did you test them abusively?

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okay then you have to call all the .1uF decoupling caps on digital supplies snubbers
and while not really incorrect it just seems weird
and if it swings negatives

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danielson: because like snubbers are usually for predictable kickback at lower speeds

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kevtris: not like, .jp leader
like, leader scopes and bench supplies
http://www.leader.com/ who the fuck are these people
i think snubber technically includes a resistor
an EMI decoupling cap
ESD path

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kevtris: neat
ha nice

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have kevtris shoot it for you
kevtris: what kind?
uhoh my over is like, preheated to the max i better load that shit
man i never start that thing with confidence

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hmm weird

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tho like, the serial number on our distortion analyzer box is 0009 so i dunno how many customers these guys have

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awesome huh
no one ever ships full manuals anymore
quick start guide ftl
rhettardo: i was going to work on speaker thing more
but i got tired and decided to go home because i got up before 5a today
er before 6a
because zee germans
inittab: so these guys are pretty neat they fixed pretty much every prob i had with the outdated software overnight

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