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we are not practicing 80 hours a week to be like grandmaster of all fakerace
haha he was all trying to troll me about what i do for work
like, wtf pizzaboy

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03:26 <@rhett> the best thing he has done for humanity are eck0 shops
haha tru dat
me, tigeraid, spd-dmn, um
d0gz, zwip, hmm
anyway we are social with mblunt because of the fakerace league
he was running the server first season, and he was helping tigeraid run the league
but tigeraid would be like voice of reason and did all the race reports that kinda defined the league
this season blunt ran shit, but mostly it was blunt aggravating people or reacting dumb when he had reason to react, then tigeraid would kinda clean up the mess
but yeah he gets more annoying every season, because like he doesnt get most of us race to have fun a few hours a week

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dx^: yay

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