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Edit Simulation... -> DC Opt Pt
if you mean doing initial conditions in transient analysis i think it does it by default theres a clicker to turn it off

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they need todolike raid power supplies
like parallel supplies
you could have like chopper psu raid
sowhen one fail and had to swap out youd only have a halfway los of power
maybe just more ripple!
yeah so you need some other psu
and some caps
and some sort of backup caps
im pretty sure theres going to be lots of really big, really expensive diodes involved
and obviously megafets
yeah i just mean protection diodes =[
just buy a little usb or sata drive
or you need it to be fast or something?
also they cost like 2x as much =\

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is there a chip or its just a cable bridge and maybe a psu or switch or what?
yeh i dont trust those chips
check for bad blocks
the hdd keeps track inside too
so its not bad to have the hardware pass over every part of the drive
i mean this thing has prob been in a couple planes or maybe even a boat
and then prob UPS or FedEx
its been dropped
because you wont want to do it ever again =\

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i know!
hahah @ ASIC label real big
its kinda funny, almost like 'HAHAH FU'
i see that alot
im amazed how it keeps the blob in the lines
no i think its a machine
im almost sure its a machine, prob just like, go to coordinate and put this much blob
those that one is like square blob
theyre showing off, heh
kinda yeah

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i used dollars to roll j's tho
so like, i guess i was p-dawging it thoe times
kinda a little bit
haha @ dc cap
tekrad: has test points and mad vias, heh
or maybe TP- is a label for the laser
cheap pcb = single layer th fr2
no you said most pcb, thats what im guessing most pcb are =(

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i was going to ask if you wer eholding it to close or dropped it
your heads must stink
tekrad: yeh but it has the rs232
haha @ cocaine found on bills
im not a cokehead

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its $12 it begs for it
theres probably an analog section but its maybe under the epoxy dot too
they prob have one with rs232
we have one like that, dunno if its the same model, but it has a little rs232 port
just two pins so just output i guess

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and i set it to external RC
100Hz system timer
every cycle, you check buttons, you check your counter registers for the dhcp and the buzzer, check buzzer on or off flag, then do your net2chef stuff
if you have long code or looping code you can have it check for a flag set by a timer
the other compare in your sys timer reg
like a FINISH NOW FUCKER flag, so you can drop out of the code to handle system timer again
rab: yeah dmm on the sense output
we have some raytek thing at work, it agrees with the LM35 and out thermal switches within a couple C
yeah so you grab what the DSP is grabbing
now you are experienced

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i once jumpstarted an avr with a random cap and resistor on my desk
and fucking up fuse timing
timing fuse
yeh that sounds like drama
how long is yout dhcp update interval?
danielson: yeah probably
okay and how long are you keeping the buzzer buzzing
no because i programmed them wrong
i had it setup for a 20MHz external clock

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youll prob hear it, just wont matter
im with inittab on that one
its like a 5% change in frequency
from one music note to the next
you would notice way less than that
especially if it was wobbling
its a piezo?
might be fine pretty sure theyre high impedance
why do you think they are bricked
did you turn the jtag fuse off
yeah it is
ive shorted the outputs and gotten them stupid stupid hot
they still programmed

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but then you just have to turn the timer source on and off
yeah all the shit you mentioned
DHCP count, buzzer on time, button check
i dunno some function youre supposed to teach me avr c
DHCP count, buzzer on time, button check, you can do with a system timer
prob running at 1KHz
down to like 100Hz if your shit takes that long
the only other timer you need is for the buzzer pwm
if your tasks are tight enough, you could just run a 22khz system timer and do the pwm with your task handler

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you need a very complicated vagina mechanism or it wont work
just do 0b00000000
or wait youre doing c
so it has no idea
i tried it didnt work
buzzer code you prob dont even have to do an int
you just initialize it but with the timer source set to off
and you have the compare output pin drive the buzzer circuit
tho if you didnt use that pin, yeah wont work

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you need to create a mechanical vagina
k go
i think the vagina friction is gonna kill it but whatever
yeah no thats not gonna work
you need to think up thinking totally wtf and amaze us
like wankel did with his IRC friends
vagina has to suck up the floats on side and spit out the other without water getting thru
has to be low friction too
also you can do a sort of sprocket system
no thats not what you did
what you did is lower than napkin drawing
napkin drawings have like numbers and arrows and shit

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oh, yeah maybe but i guess they have firmware for it already
i know
but i thought it was basically a little controller for handling host stuff
i only read marketing stuff when it came out
figure out what your longest task will be
it depends, and i wouldnt cascade your interrupts it gets messy
depends what youre doing
but i almost always use a system timer
if i have not timed non critical stuff i will run it in mainloop
and it basically gets system timer loop free cycles to run in
if your int code is really short you can run code in your mainloop and just handle ints normally

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holy shit
it has like 4 fully functional 16 bit counters?
so whats the problem
or prob need to redefine regs
damn for what
this is for that
dx^: just use one system timer
and make a simple task handler
is this in c or what
i think thats their controller
oh maybe not

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dude fuck development driver testing on a PC
fucking registry mess =(
he doesnt want to use it because he paid for it
dx^: oh sry didnt not see first halp
sec getting datasheet

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no its dog slober
dx is smart he only has one project
he had another but he blew it up and gave up i guess
who does euphelia belong too

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and rhett is also doing project with me SO WHATEVER
no 5.1 speakers
which i been lazy about and also people at work are going nuts so im trying not to be there
who the fuck is _adele_
_adele_: who are you
you are so much more decisive than me!
mblunt too
hes normal
youre not normal
dog slober soup ftw
i like it with a little soy sauce

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omg thank you
like across your network?
hmm lemme set up an ftp or something on cnc box
yeh rly
lame im too lazy to set up a server on the cnc linux
inittab you brought cars drama here and thats how rhett ended up here

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he from #cars
and has a car project at least so that will prob take him whole life
nobody likes you tho
i dunno he prob more liked than eck0
i get 2MByte/s thru the WAN

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it has pink censor stars over her nips and but and crotch
but shes way naked other than that

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k this is your reward sir

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basically tell it to spider the whole site and discard anything that doesnt end in .pdf
or the section of the site with the content you want
but i dont think it would be very hard for them to put links on timers to make it take weeks
i guess maybe days
assuming a few thousand papers and a 10sec laggy link to a dynamic link of the pdf

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looks like it
so yeah $160 or $215 to totally rape their whole db of papers
hopefully its wgettable
i wonder if its like 10 clicks of hoop to get to the paper you want
i got this early 80s dub album that is like, 'scientist rids the world of the evil curse of the vampires'
slacker_: wget is pretty good at doing that kind of stuff

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its $90 per year =(
papers are $5/ea w membership or free for $125/year extra
(non members is $20 download)
(these guys arent nearly the douchebags that ieee are)
damn $125 is only 25 papers
i wonder how you qualify for student membership ($35)
for normal membership?

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no wai i dont believe
also, hi
i have to go to bed soon
i have to do this remote troubleshooting with the germans
so i gotta come in early and dude prob gotta stay late
so these klippel guys are totally awesome, answer all my questions as fast as possible and totally helpful with support and quotes
i wonder how much business they dont have right now
they invited me to AES in NYC, to do whatever seminar they are doing for free
im like haha are you going to pay for my AES membership and plane ticket too?!
well like, in my head i didnt actually type it out and send it

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its basically positive feedback comparator input for your inverter with internal vref and hysteresis

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i believe hysterysis
its basically the circuit i showed you + positive feedback
so like, when its low and the input passes a threashhold, the positive feedback basically slams the output high
when the output is high, it changes the stensitivity of the input, via the positive feedback, so that the threashold to set output low is now a lower voltage than it took to set it hi

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makes you wonder why windows doesnt come with useful shit like that in the first place
yeah iunno why

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the herb i got is called '$50 OG Kush'
wtf they put the price in the name
omg you are trying to RE timecops spyware!?
timecop: which led driver are you going with?
if you say opamps im laughing
you have 3 people telling you three diff ways to make a one shot
and you go with the design thats completely fail
$50 opamp better have like 200V rails and sink at least like 100mA
thats prob an $80 opamp =(

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