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wtf @ persian
get a tabby cat or a cow/tuxedo/calico cat
Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires
yeah cats who arent worried about getting fucked with are happy like that a lot

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its a cat wtf
sometimes it just happens they prob didnt want to throw up

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dull the tip
then shit gets hot instead of cutting and you gotta be really dumb to keep going at thatpoint
yeah duh
shit that builds itself, just add water
cat is furring my pillow
thats not cool
i gotta do sheet/pillowcase laundry tonight =(

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thats kinda neat
do a list from a prompt and diff the two files
why wont that work
just dont list with fullpaths
its doing a diff of the file contents too?
thats pretty neat
poor guy

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or i guess maybe gone its like 10:30

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i hate that shit
removable drive?
it didnt format that shit fat32?
ooh, yeah nm
i have two usb drives now
the little powered from usb ones
how much was 1.5tb?
this is the future now
like 6 years ago i remember getting off about $1/GB
hes probably sleeping
hes on the east coast

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tekrad: http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5hzFIeNFkO1z6p7PHHwx5k_ig11-Q
read tonkin bay section and make comments on context of our government and 9/11
ok thank you that is all

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heh for as long as they make breadboards

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parts that exist ftw
rab wins again

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rab: that makes sense
when i tested preamp tubes i would just dump out a 100 box into a pile
and the tubes would just kinda bounce off each other
wonder why the emitters look two diff color if theyre all red

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tube stuff is way more impact resistant than i thought it would be
i guess because they dont use super hard glass

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i guess the screen sets up some threshhold voltage
and then put the segments negative to push them across
how multiplexed?
thats prob ok
how big is it?
those are like .1" pitch?
would be pretty neat
prob not as frahile as you think

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that was the one for negative segments i think
my vfd need positive segment drivers
hey i have all the parts for the pcb i should finish it

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i cant believe my clothes are tumble drying with no heat

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i cant afford patents
show me link for tinyprints
yeah thats what google says
marketing =(
yeah like being to ignorant of the actual capabilities of the product so youre not actually lying when youre lying about it to sell it

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the dryer isnt blowing hot air
macegr: heh

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30us isnt super fast
thats a bit different
i dunno how the tube thing would react to loads, but i mean you could just put a resistor on it and measure voltage across it
possible resistor in series with a diode and cap and you measure the voltage of the cap after a pulse

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sense resistor might work depending on the load and enough current
then you just need a scope
hopefully its something low side so you dont have to use a diff scope
or do something totally unacceptable like lifting the ground of your scope
basically the same thing as a current probe on a dmm but you need to be able to see the spike
and unless you are hammering this whatever you are doing with 30us pulses, you prob need a storage scope

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oh duh base resistor
oh now it works
its active high
longcat: how much current

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for it to work or for it to not blow up
didnt get thru on mine
swapping E and C

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oh what
is that 3 10K resistors or two
oh and it has pullups

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or what
itd need to be able to model resistor/cap/diode too
fuck spice text im staring at this lib all day its hurting my head
and in the end it turns out im using the same dflop spice model that i started with
iunno, 3 state or something
just one direction?
i think ive seen this in like .gif format or something, the bidir one

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yeah weird
fucking manual is long
fucking manual is loooooong
im down
you have to make them?

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thats just what you think
they prob just do the edges now so you dont think its particle
particle filled plywood fakeout
i dont even know what happened to my ikeabed
haha wtf @ pics
ikea dowell/cam stuff
now with fan screws?
get confused? call
that one was my fav
fuck it with carpet so you dont hurt your knees
hey man wtf
whats up with the hinged cam screw

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okay so im trying to figure out this lib for 74hc stuff in ltspice
and in the end i think its using ltspices model for dflops anyway
like the rest of the lines are just for level conversion and speed/propegation simulation
so like, ltspice dflop isnt 74 style its the cd40 or whatever logic

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show me pages of comparative performance graphs or i dont care
like, nothing ever works right so theoretical performance comparison is kinda useless
yeah sucks
its prob bus/cpu speed/system and raid latency dependent
ssd raid ftw
there is some video with a ridiculous ssd array
like, guy opens few gb worth of images and theyre just there
video is annoying but performance is impressive

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haha wat
holy fuck that thing prob wasnt even 20ft off the ground
skytank ftw

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is that funny
im not sure
this is like as if you had posted a comic narrative of someone tying their shoe
i know but like
are dogs different or something?
but yeah its definitely true

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its not neat tho
dead bugs
mxman: hi
that sounds like a more reliable option
wow youtube makes everything sound horrible

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i was going to ask that
but then decided it would prob be a servo project, to stfu
greymoon: fuckit just output to 7segs glued to his dash
woah @ the bass in this track
someone at my school had a webshop that sold like 10" 7segs

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so they are going to like, mirror all transfered data
listen to it
identify the random ass piece of music
then check to see if its violating a copyright?
that sounds like a shitty job

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haha band camp

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greymoon: longcat thinks its fine
i try
ask inittab
tenjitsu is his

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i imagine theu have to deal with it to some degree
probably a parameter you can set on high end raid controllers
softraid prob doesnt care at all, you can usually softraid like multiple partitions on the same drive
i still havent thought of a reason why youd want to, but it works
so like, it obviously has zero issues waiting for data to write at different speeds
longcat: yeah so how long do you wait for the slowest drive before you abort and throw errors
yeah probably but i dunno

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greymoon: performance issues?
dunno how well controllers would deal with diff read/write times on all the drives

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I have soy bacon sim

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