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multisim does
you can use power rated parts
and i think they had a little fire icon that would pop up over the part if you burn it
ltspice you can tell it to multiple a voltage across a part by the current thru it, and itll graph the results as watts

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thats why, ltspice 7474 fucks up at PRE/CLR low
Q and !Q are both supposed to go high

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i dunno what im going to do with the extra comparator
i can do ANOTHER dual comparator, setup to detect positive and negative threshholds (clip detector)
then have both of those feed a timing circuit on extra compator and have bipolar clip indicator

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my way is 4 resistors one cap one diode (not including led resistor)
nicos way would be 1 resistor 1 cap 1 diode
mine is the only 8pin part
and you have a spare comparator to do who knows what with
i need shelves

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timecop: at digikey theyre like $.70?
.20 if you buy 2500
dual flipflip (74hc74) is $.10 in 2500
lm393 also $.10 for 2500

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man uploading pics takes long at 5a
that prob works
so yeah, use that or blackmoons or nicos way dont use opamps like you had yesterday
and 555 is weird

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555 is weird and prob isnt cheaper
than 7400 logic and ancient comparators?
iunno i dont use them

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also i just eliminated one comparator and 2 resistors from the circuit

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with gain, like it was modded with those two resistors, youre just making sure thats its slammed against the rails so while its trying to do a saw wave, it cant
why am i up at 5am

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also the dflop solution might not work well with 2V input on 3.3V rail but im pretty sure the reciever was only doing two volts because of your buddys funky opamp circuit
like normally input impedance of that circuit is 1K but since the amplifier doesnt have 200V rails, its only 1K at output vref crossing and then it shoots up to who knows
i think 101K actually
so your input load is variable between 1K and 101K with an inverting amp like that
and the chopping on the output wasnt oscillating, it was actually working perfectly
since the 2nd stage was a voltage follower, and your first stage was charging that cap up every pulse, your 2nd stage was just following the saw wave on that cap

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22:46 <@timecop> 19:26 <`nico> basically flip-flop sets on low and resets when RC reaches whatever level giving you a long enough pulse
its same shit as my circuit without the dividers
and its how i did my led strobe
but you need a dual flip flip which is prob going to be 14dip
this is 8dip and you need 4 more resistors
so basically its me and nico vs your troll

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timecop: oh i has a new version of beacon sim for you
yeah must pay in advance
that is the cheap version without paranoia caps
hey did i tell you about soy bacon?
that stuff is pretty ok
its like giant bacos

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kevtris: its less boring when its against people
especially the same people

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naw its an hour
normally we do two 20min races

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guys its almost time for endurance fakerace

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inittab: i have old software backups i pirat apps
its easy to just download them again
same with movies
software cd backups, of pirat apps
ok i stop now

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imagine they make stupid laws for dev kits like they make laws for encryption
inittab: hi are you new to the internet
well yeah
they are like all overwhelmed by the internet right now
the people are all noobs
but just wait a few years

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so does said person have his new psychadelic glass eyeball?
or what
haha timecop
this think can sink 5mA
im too lazy to do the profit part
you gotta be going to the post office like *all* the time
im not outside
sometimes when you go outside you end up in jail
that shit sucks yo
they would just feel stupid
i think the last couple times the cops prob got in trouble for arresting me
wasting a fuckton of time and making themselves look stupid in front of all the other cops on the radio

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i think its like DGND and 0
or something
but i mean yeah value of the circuit is dollars
plus its something im prob going to use so its not bad having the circuit built lying around
so yeah tc gets to take advantage of coincidental project overlap
thats sad its like everyones project involving led is pretty short term win aquisition
except one person...

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it wasnt bouncing off walls
timecop: so the prob isnt draining the cap itll likely do that fine, its filling the cap thru 30k
2ms charge time
its like this weekends ltspice project i guess
im still pissed i can only get the logic stuff working like half the time
well, its a fucking comparator with set pulse width
its a matter of getting the lins to work right

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timecop: datasheet to your reciever thinger
also i tested that shit with 500uS pulses, single pulse and packet of 20, works fine
what an uncreative name
its a to92
well why do the call it tsop
fuckin vishay
hey so you have that its working okay?
other hacker wants me to do a remote for out motorpot
its open collector
how do you know

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i think thats a mission in the game
not sure tho
but at the end when they splashed the the title of the game it was called something else

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why is there flames shooting off the sides of that honda accord
driving past a zombie and touching him with flame at 50mph isnt gonna hurt him

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greymoon: yeah definitely

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32x and the cd thing was kinda stupid
they were like demo games
it was like, cmon all this hardware youre planning to do more RIGHT?
no i mean like they didnt seem like good games as much as shit to demo 32x functions
heh @ starfox
that shit was pretty fun when it first came out
hehe sega saturn
i dont even remember wtf that was
dreamcast was awesome but it came out like 2 years too early
nobody knew they wanted that shit yet
because they had it for everything else

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genesis was mostly fail
it had more sports games and it had SF2 first
yeah more sports games
thats not really a sports game
thats just road rash doesnt categorize well
like i wasnt sure if i was supposed to be winning or beating up more people or what
yeah but you were racing, too
you couldnt win just beating people up
not what i meant =\
sonic was fun
also toe jam and earl was genesis
i think sonic was the only game that was like, amazing
i think they had road rash for sega master system
that shit is old

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single bubble with bubble base with stem long enough to get into the bas
with an ice pinch or ice ring in the shaft right above the bubble
im on my second i had this one made to order after i broke the first =\
also diffuser stems ftw
this is like sportiest bong configuration i can think of

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kevtris: ive seen glass penis pipes
hahaha i know some dork actually bought one

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guys i got this fake bacon
its prob made out of soy beans or who knows
but its kinda okay and its like 60 calories a strip
tastes like bacos
no its neat on burgers
and you cant overcook it
theres is like a 30sec window where it comes out perfect
i had turkeyburger with fakebacon, it was win
i was cooking this stuff in the broiler
with the burgers
i think im going to try bacon/almond/ginger fried rice with it

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heh what
i didnt play paper marios
should i get a DS

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this isnt google
this is eggsalad
eggsalad: !google eggsalad
eggsalad: brainz
i dont think he likes that anymore

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greymoon: heheheh
just have it piss some more
this sounds like a dx project
10:00 < CCFL_Man> Eggsalad: yeah theres a homosexual drifting arab youth scene
not totally random
but yeah long lag
eggsalad: describe your controlling algorithm
or use its output as input
and eventually discard overused input
he would prob seem schizophrenic, tho
so it has to parse 3mb everytime we talk to it?
how big is it new?

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fuck i need timecop to wake up
hes like the germans/chinese
yeah theres a homosexual drifting arab youth scene
the homosexual thing isnt a joke
wait on his bike
they have new roads and hondas thats totally safe
hahaha yeh
its getting like that here too

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