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like, being smart doesnt make you that exceptional, in most chans it makes you maybe normal
n00bs/trolls/the hopeless dont count
but when youre a silly old man talking to regs in a channel like im smarter than all except maybe 1 of you
in an efnet geek chan
well that just shows youre really not that good at math
and have no perception of peoples capabilities
at all
how do you break off trade relations with canada
it wouldnt pass congress
so it wouldnt happen

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i dont even remember where neff is from
irssi ftmfw
basic is annoying but pretty quick
i script in basic for some of our audio test junk
and I am mmore intelligent than all bout perhaps 2% of you (statisitcally likely, in any case).
which puts his IQ in the 130-135 range i think?
which makes him maybe high end of totally average on irc
he never seems to understand that
it prob makes him average among sci/tech chans on efnet
yeah pretty much
dude ask him how many degrees he has
ive been to school for like 5 years but at least i have a small stack of completed degrees
mrtube: sci/tech/programming chans are way higher than average
the regs

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and charles (lapdog) is like YO PEOPLE GET BANT FOR THAT SIR
im like wat hahahahaha
he was all serious too
yeah really
lordpil banned for blogging
but stu joins channel, HI IM ON THE TRAIN
see the shitty thing was the other thing lordpil was spamming about was debugging ARM7 code
which like, was kinda interesting
even tho he seemed pretty fail at it but i dunno maybe they gave him some super messed up shit
oh he banned lope?
maybe ident

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because stu banned him for making him a cheap dev board
stu is a douchebag
if you dont know, your new or youre dim
09:03 < Sculptor> [17:51] <renesis> because stu banned him for making him a cheap dev board ???????
thats the simple simple version
anyway he banned the only used ful over some personal shit
and amusingly enough, prob half the channel had been in moons shoes before
it was kinda funny
yeah i know
im not banned
and charles has asked a bunch of times why i dont hang out in electronics
and stu is all trying to have chipamp convos with me in nop
he bans regs on the reg, thats his thing
lordpil got banned for talking about furnishing his home
then stu went on for months, almost right after that
on and on about stupid shit he was buying for his home
i link to a chair at office depot that is cheap and on sale
because im like, yo half the chan prob has office depot

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i wonder if timescops analogtroll means EMI when he said detect high speed pulses

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and my shit doesnt fade out, you get a half second of blink, if it sees anything
well then youre going to have to use the .47uF cap
or go with a 4.7M resistor
or maybe, MAYBE you can change them to .33 and 3.3M

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well then whats the point
hey you can do a one shot with d flops too
like i did for led strobe driver
but i couldnt get 7474 working in ltspice
you use 4 less resistors tho
its all analog timecop
even the 500MHz FPGA shit
anyway youre building a signal/clip detector, this is like a staple of pro/home audio products

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@ pc and back to blink an led
tinpony: thats not even 1KHz
and that kinda sucks it doesnt changes the divs on 4ms so that it divides it into 1ms

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yeah its like ~1ms cycle, like 500us pulses
1KHz, welcome to the realm of audio trash
haha @ missing quick pulses
why can you just have the microcontroller turn on an led?
you have pic?
anyway it should be okay
i was going to put notes for you on the schematic but i got lazy
oh ok i wasnt sure if you were doing code
no prob

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and is this your target app or you want to detect anything?
okay so just want it to work with this reciever thing
what does the pwm mean
like are you using it for anything?
whats the pwm width correspond to
is this actually pwm or are you just calling it pwm because it looks like a bunch of random
so its prob uart stuff
so the thing is its prob never a pulse
its prob always at least a few packets
ha so you could tune the thing to get enough voltage thru a filter from the start/stop stuff even all zeros, and it would reject noise even a pulse width long
but anyway, im just ranting looks maybe maybe 500uS zooming harder

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also the C in parallel with the LED prob isnt neccessary
but it killed a turn-on current spike in the sim
and its in series with the 390R and clamped by the LED im pretty sure itll be fine with that
also his shit prob didnt oscillate because its too busy latching up on its V+ rail
i dunno timecops fren

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like, it will suck current thru R4 and R3 to make the voltage in between R3 and R4 the same as Vin+
but since your shit cant swing to -200V
well its not happening
10ms isnt short
did you mean like 10ms packets of tiny pulses or what
yeah i always break mine eventually
that doesnt say much fool
pls to zoom
whatever youre using it wrong
its called, turn the time base knob to a lower number
so youre basically showing me 100ms long packets of pulses of unknown widths
and i would prob use 100pF for C1 but since you said 10ms and it made it thru that shit fine im kinda laughing at 'introducing poles

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and yeah since your IR thing is an unknown part which you have yet to define
how can you expect someone to do an input circuit for it
that says nothing about whats driving it
anyway you were loading it up with 1K
kinda not really tho because your circuit has ridiculous gain
like, hey i need a gain of 2 but lets use a gain of 100
on an inverting circuit where my input impedance is dependent on output swing and opamp sink capability
which is prob kinda tweaked because youre running it on the rail so whoknows what input impedance really is
not of the opamp of your circuit
wtf how so
go read a book
or ask your analog troll
R3 is your input impedance in a normally operating inverting amp configuration
the out put will swing to make that true

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timecop: why not
theyre comparators
dude thats how theyre used
oh hahahaha
okay that has nothing to do with feedback
thats just input filtering
and you said 10ms pulses
and that gets thru fine
also you can eliminate that totally
you can eliminate all caps except C2 at your own risk
and you can make input impedance whatever you want
haha @ comparators will fail at comparing

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timecop: did you see comparator circuit?
LM393 is like the same price and its meant to do this shit

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yeah gpu are allowed alot more space now
k time for sleeps

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i wonder if subwoofer at work is on fire yet
when i left it was like at 75C
theyre shitty cooler
no in general
card coolers are sucky
the fans are always on top of the chip
and the fins like on the side
maybe mine too
the whole thing is shrouded so i dunno
fucking thing is stupid long
but yeah typical design the heat has to like go past the fan hub to get to the fins to be dissipated into the air
like, poor fans
i have a 9800 gtx or something

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im doing the cad stuff for the back plate
then youre still contradicting yourself
double negatives ftw
mrtube: i got into the CNC class so i can use the big mill at school
i just have to show the docs to the teacher at school
tekrad: srs do the math
tekrad: seriously read what youre typing
with a fan sink
and yeh @ insane current

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fuck landing on the moon fuck jfk thats like 4 people and most of them lived
they kinda look the same
iran isnt stupid
you wrong sculptor because tekrad knows america would never do anything corrupt that involved the death of innocents
youre contradicting yourself
22:54 <@Tekrad> cuase the obvious solution could never possibly be true

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the obvious solution is it was setup or allowed to happen to start wars
and that neocons are lying for the better of the people
who are stupid and need to be controlled
thats their whole thing
wtf a super thermite paint
it was thermite shaped charges
dude we killed 500,000 civilians in a country we saved
thats a genocide
like, 911 was 3000 people
dont forget that naval incident that started vietnam
or the plans to shoot down civilian aircraft to frame that kennedy had called off
but that everyone else was ok and ready to roll with it

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twin towers is still there

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prob seen it

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why whats on

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c5 killed these weird current spikes in the led
wonder if it does that like irl
and yeah can be done with d flipflop and no dividers, its like a 1mA led
we are just giving them the tools

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i dont like the way gimp made a permanent window and moves the menu bar to it
haha mean!

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i only see the red ones like edges of the valleys and the mountains and stuff
some oak trees have them =\
like, we have domesticated city ants that are more annoying to kill than to let go away
they are maybe fucked out in the wild too (!)
man why is this sim taking so long

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my and my sister have antheads =\
they are like round but a little pointy on the bottom
yeah i realized this a long time ago
there was prob hallucinogens involved
and like all those CG animal movies were starting to come out
apartments only get ant trails when it rains alot
like its almost better to just let them go away because if you kill them you have this trail of deadant bodies
at least most our ants are friendly
we have way more of those little black ones than those bigass red things

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i redid trollboys $.20 dual opamp circuit with a $.20 dual comparator circuit
now its more sane
ants are like the least annoying bug

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i has a circuit for tc
and i just realized you can do the same thing with a d-flop one shot
and you dont have to use the dividers for the comparator inputs
thats how i did led strobe pulse width at work

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but yeah spread the wisdom
`nico: we should be happy he is even using the youtubes withour crying about not having flash

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ships in a dvd case?
hey neat they ship with a usb cable
aw the pcb graphic in the schematic pdf is just top layer and silk

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for nexys2
it has 7 segs
aaaaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeeah
fuck im easy
i dont care about that so much
does it have direct access to the usb or is that just for programming it
hmm empty 8 dip socket
yeah i just want to learn fpga stuff tho

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kevtris doesnt code fpga
he draws
timecop: voltage of output and resistors used
fpga dev kit, anyone?
is there anything decent for like <$100?
not bad
does it come with decent software for getting code into it or im on my own finding pirate or open shit or what
timecop: for what moneys and how fast?
i want to do dds and dsp stuff
but just audio so it doesnt need to be super fast i guess

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then thats its unloaded performance and its kinda meaningless anyway
the fucking led you were just talking about
jezus fuck are on weed
i think im past my carrot prime
do like a 1k resistor
and see if its like 2v
and do a 200R resistor instead of a 100R resistor and put the LED back
to build his personal beacon sim
at least itd be done in a week instead of 5 years
but yeah
see if half the current increases the output voltage a bit
thats more fpga shit than ive done
hey whats a good dev board to buy i dont gotta fuck around doing a PCB
i know one of you two knows

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i thought you ignored him
you spamd all that shit and you didnt really ignore him
sounds mexican to me
i dont like family stuff
yeah I'm not good at that stuff it drives me nuts after like 30min
anyway stop being distracted timecop
you need to learn this shit already
yeah that shit kinda bothers me zzzz
my exgf had a real nice family but i could hang out for more than an hour without wanting to eject
my mom is mexican and my dad is like, jewish white stuff
so this makes me like, jew outcast, according to the hardcore jews
or something
dads side is like russian/romanian/polish (watch out)
replace it with a resistor

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hey so maybe the deviation is only like .05V
but i already said, thats pretty bad in your circuit
the max ouotput of the opamp vs your voltage rail
btw now your regulator accuracy comes into play
the fail is using cheap parts and having .1v across the set resistor for your led
with the goal of putting 1mA thru a 2mA LED
you been saying that for years
and now here you are playing with an opamp
and even your digital shit has all sorts of analog trash on it from nowhere
10:18 <@timecop> iduno shit about this "across" thing.
voltage across
current thru
and better believe i am hoping you are trolling me right now
the voltage across your resistor

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it looks like mexican drama shows
theres gonna be crying
and fights
and yeah
yelling at girls wtf
yeah i stopped paying attention
timecop: what those resistors did was up the gain on the 2nd stage
your first stage is clipping against its rail
so it drops across D1
so now your 2nd stage input is .7V or whatever lower than clip voltage
so you need the gain in that stage to get the 2nd stage to clip
first stage is
2nd stage is non inverting
you had it as a voltage follower before
timecop: this is like a commodity part, its pumped out by every semicorp and every pirate because tolerances are low

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or it pins the led at abs max (25% change)
thats whats wrong with it
if you had more voltage across that resistor it wouldnt be as sensitive
because of fucking ohms law wtf why does it matter
its *all* that matteras, its a ratio between your resistor drop and how differences in the diode Vf and and opamp output max will matter
the more you drop across the ballast resistor, the less deviations in Vf and output max will affect the current going thru the led
because if the voltage across the resistor is 1v and shit changes by .1v
well its like 10% significant
if you drop .1v across the resistor, and shit changes by .1v, thats 100% difference
i dunno phillipino is there subs or what?
oh neat
haha she slapped that kid
damn she slapped him and said she the only one that cares

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i guess your scopes ground is prob live so yeah
because 1.8V was something pulled from a datasheet they might be less at that current
anyway you think prob just has one led so its not a super big deal if it works but theyre all bit diff brightness
thats not okay yo
well, prob okay i guess
theyre like 10mA leds?
grab like 5 of those leds and 5 of those 358s and do the same thing and see how they all look
look if your next 358 is 2.1V max
and the led is 1.8v
thats 3mA
its .1v
so it the led and the opamp both vary by .5v
so it the led and the opamp both vary by .05v
it either doesnt work
it works fine (50% chance)

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so do it
if some of those amps have diff max rail voltage and leds the same way, some of them might act strange
some of them might act strange
like your led wont light up or not be bright enough
check how much voltage across the 100R
but then if the rails fluctuate the other way a couple tenths a volt
heh @ across
timecop when arent you measuring voltage across something

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