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so you can buy the wrong one
if its short circuit protected you can maybe ghetto hack it
just short the led across the output
heh if this isnt something youre building to just fuck around dont do that
but hed have to think and do math and stuff
comparator will prob saturate pretty good, so you can set the led current at whatever

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google for an ir reciever circuit
you prob want something with an ir transistor or diode and couple resistors and a comparator driving an led
this can be your first analog project
well, besides putting transistors on leds
oh and youll prob want a pot
so you can adjust the level the comparator lights the led
its kinda like an opamp
only usually for differential sense stuff
like its not an optomized amplifier
sometimes they dont even have half bridge output
like, just open collector/drain or whatever
yeah but is this for something specific
or just see any IR
because you can replace the IR transistor/diode with one of those reciever thing
but they are usually bandpass filtered so they only pick up IR from the intended source

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youd have to do microstepping assist or shutdown completely for smooth feel
like you could change the drag of the pot, like the friction level, with microstepping
fake it
heh prob cost like $40 to make and you prob wouldnt have probs selling replacements for $100
you chop DC to control current between two adjacent magnets
this is a stepper
except its nuts because i guess ive decided to drive every single coil independently
hey but thats way easier to manufacture
because its just a coil on a bar and solder joint to a pin

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no not a rotating stepper
like, you do a linear one
with the magnets in the linear ways somehow
so you could do diff detent setups
and have the 'detent' move
like the detent would drag the motor around
no you could just do encoders for feedback
this is for a control fader
so like, a mixing deck or some low profile industrial control thing or something you use in the dark who knows
but say you have 100 steps
you could have it do like, 50 detents
or like you could set random detents
and you could set how much it sticks with current
and set how deep it clicks into the detent with microstepping
heh yeah
and you could just have one detent that moves, dragging it around
yeah thats what we originally wanted to do

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do it direct drive step or servo, so use can just push against the motors
software could read the encoders and have the motors back off or decrease resistance based on how far moved or whatever
so the most awesome way to do it would be to make the whole thing like a stepper
and the slider is like stepped up and down a linear boxway
you could adjust 'detent' level but changing microstepping and current
or set it up like variable detents
like, have certain magnets at diff intervals an odd polarity
wow thats actually a pretty awesome idea

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and i think other companies have done it for similar stuff and onboard dsp trash
and optical crossfade detection is old
like, kinda like mouse scroll wheel encoder
little ir diode and ir reciever that gets blocked by the crossfader shaft
a motor pot?
the clutch is the only hard part
i bet digital decks have them already
like big high end mixing consoles
like, just a tone of adcs by the inputs
and some dacs by your outputs, everything else is VCC on pots and encoders
you could sell that i think

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better to use encoders really
but then youve tained the analog thinger with some manner of digital stuff
like undetented?
i like those
well, red leds
i got over the blue led thing pretty quick
its all about white green and red
you can get them in grey code, absolute or 2bit (quadrature)
you know those panasonic detended ones?
oh you mean slide fader
sorry, sleepy
and yeah
we have it at work
its a carbon pot i think
it might be plastic tho, we spent alot on the crossfader
were not even putting signal thru it, heh
they do that tho
because alot of people use mixers as software controllers
rane has something you loop thru a mixer
but i guess they came out with something thats parallel analog and digital

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usually have good resistive materials
heh, like the ones that get the motors are expensive to begin with
these are like chassis mount rotary pots
like for exactly what inittab said
yeah its usually stepdown and slip clutch
and some plastic or stamped steel stuff to hold it all together
that looks nicer than ours
oh, yeah neat its an alps pot
yeah its japanese, prob not being produced, and those bricky looking black pots usually have cool stuff inside
case is prob washable or something

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maybe i dont even have to change the main board
well, i want to change other things
but i can keep it analog pots
we have like 6 of those at work were saving them
nice clutches too
like, basically were saving them until i feel like getting some IR shit to do a remote
prob not they look older
older like, not cheap
theyre not used, except one someone put a wire tail on
the ones for mixing decks are, usually

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you want butans?
hey thats tru
yeah i ground down mine to nubs
sucks to use now tho
hmm buttons
need a display
maybe just 10 led
needs digipots

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soldering stripped ribbon cable sucks tho
i need to redo it with some orhter sort of connector
and i want to hack the bass eq to correct for the low end rolloff a bit
so its a bit flatter or maybe tiny bump before it rolls off
sucks i can use trim pots with built in knobs
need duals
theres no firmwares =\
haha i should stick a microcontroller somewhere to do something

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greymoon: hahaha nice
cardbide insert tooling ftw
rhettardo: 23:00 <@Greymoon> http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/showthread.php?t=122416 hahaha wtf
neato pics
did you show him under the main board?
thats where all the action is
kinda sucks
they need to make clear steel altoids tins
when i have time ill play with it at work
see if i can get THD down a bit
its like .02 or something

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but its got big rubber sheet covers
they work pretty well
heh nice

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aughust september = weather fucked
its prob for a micromill
i wonder how thick you can get kapton
some flex stuff is maybe .02
kapton bellows would be double plus
like in the kapton or a layer of it?

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im stealing from micheal jackson at 1MB/s
and im bitching because thats slow
i moved two places with socal.rr.com like 4 mi apart and every few months it gets faster
aw no way
i would just get slow laggy sat net from my phone company
i would complain alot tho you prob wish i had died
im gonna go buy some foods and then go to sleep
guys heavy speakers are heavy
also death heat is here
see everyone is always like HEY SUMMER WASNTY SO BAD
and its like wtf idiots are you new here or what

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greymoon: you have a list for mcmaster stuff?
also if you want anything from enco
guys what if i move to a place with bad internet

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applied oragami ftw

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