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haha he will be laughing at you thinking of my penis enough to say that out loud

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good luck

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so yeah EM weapons that just burn hardware are prob a reality
yeah pretty much
but like
tesla coils big
cell phone = little
and cell phones do a decent amount of damage
did it smoke?

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fucking like 1V positive pulses
like 100Hz pulses
i think the pulses were really blocks of GHz speed data
but whatever to an audio thing, its like someone put a fucking 1V positive square wave into the AC circuits
like a 100Hz buzzer tone
brain circuits fire at like 50mv or something
yeah rly
like, youre not insane because its happening to everyone else too
should i race with the historic gt dorks
this season = poor management, ive missed half the season of fake racing
dude, 1v positive pulses at 12"

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and like the pad will suck a layer of solder
you can tin large pours this way, kinda draw the solder on like a marker
fuck sponge!
damn i forgot to buy a coily egg cleaner for work hakko
i think its brass
its like brass shaving with a flux coating
yeah thats for crackheads
yeah that stuff is pretty useful
The HAKKO 599B cleans your soldering iron tips without water! The 599B is made from coils of brass, which is softer than the tip plating yet harder than the oxidation that forms on the tip.
theres too much gap
that weird cell phone crap gets thru
dude that shit is insane
i was looking at it in a preamp
had a phone maybe 12" away

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the only reason thru hole can be easier is because of the huge spans between pins
so you can route under them, use the part to cross signals, etc
tin one pad
hold part with tweeters, heat tinned pad
watch for solder to wick onto part
psotion part, pull iron away
works with 1210, qfp, whatever
no dont do that
just tin one pin on each part
ttmustang: no you want like a tiny blob
oh yeah the other ones, clean the tip and touch the pad

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it doesnt surprise me
tho it was prob just an etard excuse to have a friends face in their ass

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i dunno i need to see one of palins PCBs before i can make that decision

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urmom duh
timecop: are you related to sara palin?
pfft, shes like 100x the troll you are

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the firmware looks pretty ok

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i kinda like it bigger
except its kinda too big for all the little cases
i got a bigger one and i still feel like its too small if i put the usb cable in there with it

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omg im all wet
`nico: okay it looks like comparable samsung cam is $300
same cam + HDMI is $350
so im like hmmm
heh @ fridge by the front door

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that looks neat
i dont think they have your samsung
This product is no longer available.
newegg says your samsung is old, `nico
i wish you could demo firmware online
yeah but it didnt pop up when i searched for 720p vids
unless i did it wrong
i guess i did it wrong i must have checked something else

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heh @ flash knocking it over backwards
this is the shop where they sell fresh baked cameras?

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pretty sure it tilts and locks with the cam lever dealy
im pretty sure its forward legs would eventually snap off while youre pressing the shutter button

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