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looks like it tilts
anyway, its still awesome because its 3" tall
who is they

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sculptor: thats to small for chipmunks

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kinda too small
yeah when i get a new cam i can ghetto improve the old cam
my phone wont charge thgrough usb =(
hey i moved like 40x 70lb monitor speakers on friday
and its two days later and im not that sore
i totally expected to be immobilized today, heh

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dude you gotta stop that
guys i want a camera
also rabbit
i dunno prob few hundred i guess
like around $300 max i guess, but id want to do bit more research before deciding how much
hmm samsung
how are batteries?
i like my samsung stuff
samsung phone has smashed external LCD for like years, still works fine
damn i need a new cam old digi chomps on AA batteries and freaks out with NiMH because of the low voltage
hey is it too small?

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bush threw cheney into the maintenance tube
rambo vs terror pt 1 2 3
on the youtubes
yeah about 20min
its like towards enf of pt 2

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hey man if its not in the little scrolly box to the right its not there
is audio desynced on yours too?
im trying another vid
hmm all of them oh well

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yeah something like that
i wonder if they play any music at all anymore
yeah they had mt2
but that tuirned into reality bullshit too
i dont know where i saw kurt loader recently, but that guy i sold
*is old
car is jacking the gas

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blackmoon: eheh

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we need to make humanoid robots, train them to be engineers, and make them be the salespeople
haha i wonder if he would write on the email in response
and some chick would have to transcribe it into the reply

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salesguys @ tech ftw
they got rid of one of the sales douchebags
and like the engineer that basically reported to him is all not happy about it
hes like i dont think they are doing to replace him =(

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do you think they will notice while reviewing gerbers?
yeah i do that usually
you have gerbtool from orcad bundle?
i liked that shit but i lost it
i use viewmate now to review stuff
oh so you dont have license for one, you dont have it for either

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oh shit i should order those pcb cutters
so i can prototype little thermocouple board
`nico: did you see their post like EAGLE FAIL
when they tried to say it was eagles fault they had a board fab with a disconnected ground plane
and they show a little cropped pic of the airwire between the pours
like, prob could have changed the isolation and fixed it
anyway, he didnt post the whole screen
eagle tells you when youre done
it would have said Airewires: 1
or something
no i guess he was just bitching they wasted money
when you are done, eagle goes Ratsnest: Nothing To Do!
when im done ill ratsnest like 10 times
it wouldnt matter you wouldnt have caught it
it was a disconnect around dense placement
it looks like his grounding was prob fail anyway since it all depended on going across like one pin of an SMD
but nico
the program tells you
if they cant notice the program going HEY YOURE NOT DONE DOUCHEBAG

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they need to put that in the description
post a commont confirming and email them
hey oh shit
i have F1 on my DVR

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they will probably fix it

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some of them
i wouldnt try it with the side latching ones
because of the way they pull outwards to unlatch
you would have to like bounce it a couple times, if the shit is the right size
then they have the wrong connector
or they sold you a screen with the tab broken off the cable
either way, they have to fix it not your fault
thats prob not so likely

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Connectors FFC, FPC (Flat Flex) - Connectors - Board Mount
go to that category
they have thicknesses from .12 to .38 mm
so now you can shim it, or you can buy the right size
you now need micrometers
you def need to email them
and post it to make
or something
07:01 <@seravita3> they dont have email.
yeah wtf
they were prob overtrolled
techsupport at sparkfun dot com
seravita3: you need to tell them to try it
and you need to make them measure the flex cable and check their part
and when they realize theyre dumbasses, you need to tell them to send you the right one
haha @ sparkfun, i wonder how many people have bought those

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like, pinch both sides of the latch at the same time
those kinda suck you need like both hands and sometimes the connectors are like a few mm wide
does the flex cable have a little cardboard tab at the end?
naw thats not it
you either need to put a shim or glue a tab
or you need to fins a connector for thinner cable
i dunno if they have them but im looking for the digikey category so you can check
well they bought the wrong connector
or its cheap because of what youre experiencing now
but i dunno maybe it wasnt cheap
hey if its not cheap you should be like emailing or calling people

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ha that sucks
those little flex cable connectors feel so fragile
is it ones with the latch on top or the sides?
latch on top ones work neat but they always feel like theyre gonna break when you press the latch in
and yeah i think those are meant for the cables with the paper backing at the end
yeah then just make sure its slid in all the way, the latch

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hahaha what
do they distribute this terror watch list to every business ever wtf?
im offended and not surprised at all really
do you have a link or something?
a date?
politicians and professors are on it

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hehe you used the o2-jet cutter yet?
dude my first try
1" thick steel, i cut across like 12" plate of it
maybe 30sec?
1/8" cut
the warpage in the plate caused the metal to unzip behind the cut
this is some srs biz
yeah what to you do with all those little 1" blocks
small stuff is usually harder to do clean
cuz that shut will just turn to nothing and make a huge hole before you realize you needed to move the torch

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gas is on, forever?
you mean the pinchtube holds the 1800psi for two weeks?
they stay filled for awhile, all that brass shit works
hey did you get an oxy-fuel setup?

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=\ im pretty sure that would jam the miller i used at school
it has an issue with the feed
haha and the wire would like loop back inside the welder and short
yeah i dont think that would help the situation
dude its a school thing, prob trashed cable
the tig i used was lincoln

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you have to add parts to it
blackmoon: 3d jbweld quick prototyping?
welders will sculpt shit like that
tig is neat

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look how much metal it is
real machines = $$$
or you take over the schools machine
yeah crazy

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the tapping at the end is ++

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seen it
spindle up but the drills falls back down =(
HSS into steel, student had the speed way up
like, he used the quill level to pull the drill out quick
and it just stretched out back into the hole
yeah you showed me those vids
cool shit
prob not so much
lots of spindle power tho
lots of Z axis loading too
blackmoon: like i bet just the downpressure from the spindle is enough to generate the heat
so like as long as you tool doesnt slip and the motor doesnt stall and your fixture and stock dont just pussy out
the metal has nothing else to do except move

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blackmoon: i have CNC mill lab class from 7-10p two nights a week
one FADAL VMC (RIP FADAL) and a HAAS Minimill
i dunno why i didnt think of this earlier
suck to get your money in and out of, no

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loading...shits its asking me my major i dunno what to put
they only have it like i think 4ft above the counter at the bank ive used for awhile
so like, if badguy jumps on the counter, security guy gotta shoot him first
dude thats 5 days they can use your money
they need that or civilization will fail
they have studies proving this, of course
hey well, computers are complicated
these things happen
while you make .01% interest
indians geeks says yes... so yes, of course

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kinda is
no it isnt, because sometimes their shit is made of like double stacks of 1"
wtf @ two feet
youre saying you need 2' of acrylic to equal 1" of lexan?
yeah i dunno
thats what you see in bank and liquor store installs
okay ima try and register for CNC mill project lab
even tho i already finished cnc as degree
loading, loading

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heh okay some now sometimes i hear this dnb shit
and itll be old dnb but slowed down
so the bass is even deeper
then those places are spending bank on 1" lexan
i wonder whats more

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macegr: am depressed over lack of southern cali techshop
oh shit
if you had acrylic and lexan for comparison, you could prob do scratch tests
lexan is harder
yeah it scratches easier but it doesnt break
theyll use thick acrylic for bulletproof
heheh like 1" stuff in banks and liquor store
im pretty sure thats acrylic

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i have hundreds of dollars in 1" acrylic in my closet
tw cheeseburgers is not enough

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also for cosmetics
what =\
avrfreaks is made out of people
soylent avrfreaks
what is the first aged white meat

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yeah those caps are meant for mains filtering, usually
thats pretty cool he got to test out that whole self healing deal
prob not =(
drum brake pot what
its soap i think

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we ditched them for pretty much everything except low end xover stuff, recent project
heh i had to redo the PCBs to fit the longer film caps
blackmoon: hi youre back!
i have no idea whats in thecompression stuff, the home/monitor stuff is all fabric or metal domes
the bipolar caps had too much esr at higher freq, the crossovers would misbehave
so i think were doing polypropylene for everything in the mid and high xovers
im like, hey wow nowai were going to fix this problem by being awesome?
cuz thats awesome
i think so, for X/Y caps at least
i dunno if general purpose and xover cap stuff is tho
oh wow neat
tinpony: sucks

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if we break the laser itll still let us do it with blobs of clay, heh
like, we can get thielle smalls and test large signal characteristics maybe like 10min per driver
and since we will have to do like maybe 20 drivers at a time, for multiple sample evolutions, the laser doombox is pretty awesome
not that i know of

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those are what im testing actually
yeah not like that
because thats still a cone with an inverted dome dust cover
thats one piece, and it attached to a flared aluminum voice coil
anyway the contsruction is nice, i got some daytons to compare, the hivi dont look pushed off the assembly line
coworker been to the hivi factory, says its pretty clean for a china operation
the klippel says the suspension stiffness is pretty symmetrically
tinpony: yeah it tested out to 5mm with limits set to 80% complicant/80% Bl
the daytons tested a bit over 2mm
the daytons tested opposite as far as symmetry, the suspension was out of wack but the Bl was perfect thru + and - excursion
the daytons have porous dustcap and vented back plate, tho
and this a sealed design so we dont want to use them anyway
yeah we have a laser
in a box with current sense and 4 wire voltage sense

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you can see there was flames on the spider but the cones are okay
these systems dont have grills
the other shit we do, they have horrible cast Al grills or stamped perf steel
exploding tinsel?
sounds like standing waves in your leads
not enough gap
i think its because they break up internally
so you have tons of little sparkgaps
the HiVi midbass im testing has a neat VC former
like, i think they have an aluminum former, which they like flare out, kinda dished
then they attach the inverted dome plastic cone to it
like, theyre not doing the cone with the full dustcap thing for the inverted dome
cone is glued to the former, looks pretty sturdy for 50w deallies
kinda the other way tho

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i am aware of this
mostly macegr
and that wasnt the hard part of the problem
it was taking the image off the ball and processing it into a reflected image
to look under skirts
thats why high resolution was needed
heh @ fireproof cones
we have kevlar woofers, and burn the spiders where the leads go thru

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we have a turntable
but its manual
pro and home audio active and passive speaker systems
yeah basically
but everyone makes em cheap
even QSC = china
anyway the point of shooting personal home system for response isnt to correct the curve
its to see how jacked up the curve is
cone, passive electronics, suspension, etc etc etc
yeah so its alot more than just the cone
we have a klippel for doing driver parameters

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anyway they are clutzes
i did an led replacement for the lamp
and they already dropped it
and the guy didnt want to wait for me to get there to replace the leds
then what what
then i either go HAHA or WOAH
also im prob going to measure them like 45 degrees off axis
like 45 towards vertical
because thats how i listen to them
yeah i replaced the highs and mids, didnt change the crossover parts
i think its single pole, someone just did the caps/coils inline
no im doing the whole system
that would kinda defeat the point of measuring the whole system
however for the 5.1 thing im helping someone with
i made a 1ft cube 5 sided box
and im going to mount the 6" hivi driver high and bit off center
then im going to mount the little sidecab tweeter to the top so i can adjust location
and keep shooting it while moving it to see what works for matched response

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i should take my ghetto 3 way speakers to work and measure them
spl vs frequency
hmm i dunno
we have a CLIO, a TEF, we have a few audio precision boxes i could do it with
we have a semi-anechoic chamber
kinda, good enough for gated 1m response prob above 200Hz
and i can do near field to get low end roloff characteristics
you dont need an anechoic chamber for that
dude almost no one has an anechoic chamber can do deep bass
you need a warehouse and deep foam to cover it
the CLIO and TEF do gated sampling
the only B&K thing we have is a stroboscope
and the xenon strobe tube broke
haha and B&K want $1200 for it
dude its like almost 30 years old

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