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google points to here?
its annoying

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theres no cheese and spices in oil and vinegar
ceasar ftw

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so maybe your one way valves dont work as well
because they are being sucked at
i found the good veggie burgers
not the best ones, but these are pretty awesome
i think the awesome ones are likem, boca brand, or something
thos dr fuckhead cali/textmex ones sucked
it was like a veggie souffle pattie

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wtf man
they take a steel rod like 12awg and loop the end
and sell it to me as a poker for $.50 or $1 or whatever
they dont even have the common decency to deburr it for me
haha what
being fat gave you low blood pressure or something?
that makes no sense to me
high blood pressure means high vacuum in your viens

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ive been between like 215 and 235 for the last like 15 years
with the exception of when i was like 170 lbs from muscle atrophy from psychotropic medication
haha and i felt fatter than any other time in my whole life when i was 170
is that a joke or are you just incredibly ignorant
prescription medication for psychological disorders
ive never heard street drugs called psychotropic even when they were (they all basically are)
also, ive done a lot of diff street drugs
nothing was as hard on me, psychologically or physically, as the prescription meds
theres something wrong with my a/c
i think maybe it has some shit fromthe outside stuck on the inside
its like its gobbling up sticks or something
also its condensating on its output

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