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im playing fallout3 on hard with a bunch of mods that make the game harder
im thinking i should have done extra hard
maybe time to create a new jane!
i still play fallout 1
until this came out
fallout 1 is about my home! =D
i can beat up yakuza at random encounters in the valley
it doesnt say its the valley but it is this little dimple on the map above LA
obviously home.
u r

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also i have more faith in this one driving long cables because it has series resistance right at the chip

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i kinda have, basically the same thing electrically
like 1/4 the size without the connectors
and the filter was external
and it was app specific for insulated element so it didnt need to switch the thermocouple ground
also i prob need to buy some new cutters
my pyramids are pretty much just useful for coarse shit, maybe .015
.005 tips broken

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dx^: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/k2dmm.1_top.png
sry forgot thats the copper on the bottom

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+ 10 mil bonus for the slot slack
tekrad: do you know anything about flexible molds?
no like for potting something
seems pretty easy to machine
the potting stuff doesnt stick?
or you spray the molds down with something or what

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if not, really people can use shcs
think is maybe thicker than black oxide?
The information provided is for reference only. Manufacturing processes and resulting tolerances may result in variations in the specifications provided. Many manufacturers consider tolerance information proprietary and do not provide this to McMaster-Carr.
er .213
the phillips list as a bit smaller
also the dip dimensions didnt have tolerances
so im assuming those are max dimensions
or theyre assholes
socket head is .183
thats 40mils, my volvo fits thru that
well, 20 mils a side

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final silk
red is like .007" oversized outline of #4 button head cap screw
the line it overlaps is .005 and the slot for the screw is like .015 oversize for #4
(#4 will fit, im sure this is fail to fail status so im ordering 200)
naturally ive fucked up something blatantly obvious
and i will be wasting $120 or so on red pcb ninja stars
maybe but they dont say and they can use socket head caps screws if its an issue
im going to have to measure 10 now
yeah i know it doesnt matter because my 10 prob all came from the same machine
but whatever, ill show you
they have an image
with dimensions
sec im checking
but im hopinh its a max dimension

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red mask and yellow silk
dx^: did you see my thermocouple to dmm adapter thing?
maybe they would have been useful when you were making moonshine

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whats whats solar pond
heat water, use it?
why did they shut it down
no i guess you drive turbines with current
or something, push pistons

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i want a rabbit TDI!
inittab too
hey but fuck putting veggie oil in it
most beaches suck
ha one of my fave beaches is like a 5min walk thru sand dunes past some abandoned power station
seriously ask a capacitor factory for some metallic film
you would constantly have to replace it
well and just get destroyed
the only way its cost effective is if you build a light frame
hopefully strong enough it doesnt easily get destroyed

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foam bed is way squishier when ambient is warmer
so this thing is awesome
i just got home
i go to lie on it
i doze off for 3min, look outside its blue out i have no idea what time it is
yeah its neat
i got some cheap mem foam pillows too
theyre ok
dont they take a fuckton of energy to make too?
they need to figure out how to grow generators
something plant or bacteria or algae based
or whatever
yeah i know i said plant twice k stfu
dump has and we just postpone the problem
you need to decimate civilization for that to be a permanent solution
post apocolypse style

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