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greymoon: endmills

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it chips
which is actually kinda cool compared to HSS
like, itll still cut, even if the finish looks like shit
HSS will wear down way before it breaks, so it stops cutting
loads up the machine, everything gets hot, everything towards failure
tho when i had that wood cnc job, i noticed the wood would wear down the carbide eventually
like metals would do to HSS tools
i think good said something about magnesium in the wood, or something

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fucking datasheet errors
full length of a terminal block: (N-1)*5.0
length from center of first pin to center of last pin:
(total length is N*5.0)

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no u
Our site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please retry your request in a few minutes.
wtf digikey

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thats neat
are you gonna be driving it?

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but yeah if you go to slow then the metal gets hot around where youre cutting
so yeah try like .005 and .001 and .00025 tooth loads
and see which finish is cool
i guess its weird because you have to kinda guess at feedrates
yeah those are pretty neat

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youll probably still be able to see the cutting marks
you can see to like around .001 pretty easy
like, you wont be able to feel it
but you can see it, its weird
so i mean, functionally its really good
visually, its going to have tool marks
yeah calculate the speeds/feeds
for the tool
like, try .001 toothload and maybe .00025 and .005
yeah manual machines are awesome like that
you pick spindle speed based on radius cutting speeds
for the tool, so like bigger tools is lower spindle for same cuttign speed
yeah so its a heat thing
but then you do the calc for chip loading per tooth
going fast is good with aluminum
but you have to have speeds right or your tool gets to hot

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the thing i did for timecop was pretty neat
it was like 1.8v gio into filters and then 5v ab section with vbe multiplier bias
and it clipped right at like 1.8v
heh nice
dunno, feed slow, speeds high, smaller tools sometimes overlap better

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my headphone amp is a chipamp
and i did a simple ass AB output for timecop
with like two 3904 and a 3906
wow no collector feedback
oh no wait maybe
thats kinda neat

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i always bitched how eagledoesnt have an offset command
but you can do it with copy and alt grid
sneaky germans

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you can prob just mix the positive ends
middle top circuit

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im hungry

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