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i have serta sheep on the box but its not really a serta?
like a pack every other day
good, dont
i sent them a contact page mail
and i will call tomorrow if i dont get an email back
ok i has to cut out the pcb

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Ray: We have many serta mattress manufactured by Leggett and Sleep Innovations.
Ray: It is the mattress from the sleep innovations.
its weird tho the matress tag says july 2009
you: hmm, so they are subcontracting to sleep innovations or something
you: okay thanks
Ray: I am sorry, we do not have the information.
yeah that happens
i havent smoked cigarettes in almost a month
well, like 3 in the last month

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Ray: The Serta 8-inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress is manufactured by Sleep Innovations.
their chat guy
ok i asked if its a mattress called serta made by sleep innovations
or if its like, from the serta mattress company
oh hmm

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trying to find chat link
i did
what other kind of foam mattress are you getting?
have you even sat down on one?
the shit is amazing, and i paid like 1/2 the price of a spring mattress

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yeah its weird
Serta 8-inch Cal King Memory Foam Mattress by Sleep Innovations

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no just lied on it a bit
top secret single sided cerwin-vega passive crossover prototype pcb almost finished machining
is why i am up, not using it
and yeah its awesome
its really fucking with my center of gravity
$350 i think
you dont sink that deep
haha this is the company that makes it
it says july 2009 tho
and the box says serta
i did
yeah rly

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queen size
8" thick
heh single sided pcb are fun
lope: id worry more about coil temp than brushes, so no, prob not a prob for 3 seconds
unless its underbuilt shit
try it for 10 seconds on 10 seconds off, for a couple minutes
hold it in your hand, if it dies or gets fucked up hot, dont use it

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where is dx
foam mattress is weird
this thing fucks up gravity

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why dont they have one with asshole and pussy yet

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washing cars is for losers
hahah @ link name
wtf @ instructions for a fifi
ill click
wow 7 steps
Adjust Suction Control as much you want.
haha what thats a joke or wat

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wnder what wave insert is all about
so i guess the angled rips make it special

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wow @ mem foam mattress
i fall into this shit
and its like i didnt stop i only slowed down

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that solder sucker people
if you can program it, it should be fine
still to much for a transformer
your less is not less enough, sir
heheh k i gotta go bye
today i test 10W led doomstrobe assembly

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he prob found it in a dumpster and keeps it in a volvo
wtf @ their houses
their bricks have no mortar

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oh rite he got one awhile ago
convection toaster oven + thermocouple/amp + triac + uC
this is the same project as digital vaporizer except with temp profiles instead of user buttons
yeah that would be neat to actually have one instead of having a plan

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