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im kinda amazed his bot doesnt have a little toaster oven on the side for that
also, hi

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thats lathe work

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nice, ebay carbide guy accepted my best offer
25% off, 4 flute ball and flat in 1/16 and 1/8
5 of each, $5 each
and similar
free shipping too
um, its called wear inittab
yes you do
thats not very much cheaper than lakeshore carbide
do you know how hard 1/8" is to snap?
i think i crashed the 1/16" but ive only had one ever and that shit was useless anyway
i had been using it to route FR4 for like 6mo
TiN 1/16 is hardcore
like little bullets
and i have all my 1/8 but they all got chipped tips

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why you think you can do better with help?

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guys i dont want to cnc the polycarbonate piece
i just want it to happen
i dunno i cant think of a good way to hold it or cut it out
maybe wood
hand drill some holes in the polycarbonate, screw it into some wood, screw the onto the milling table
then drill the mounting holes
find a way to hold it from there and machine the perimeter

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guys i just have to do the polycarbonate
i wonder if its to thick for my pcb fixture

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dx^: did you read, spring 2010 application period was supposed to start yesterday
for CSU
and i went today to fill in the online application and it was like closed
for every single school
it wont let me do it online i have to call places
guys i took 20 awesome pics, and i didnt have an SD in the cam
and my little SD is at work all i have are 2GB dealies
and the old stupid kodak doesnt understand big SD cards
and thats it stagnent progress bar for life
yeah weird

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of course

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i dont know anything about contacts

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(Applications for Spring 2010 are accepted beginning August 1, 2009)
every ingle CSU (theres prob 20 of them) says application status: CLOSED
kingdom for a horse
the notices ive read have to do with cali budget
of course you do thats why it goes the other way youre not supposed to like it

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k acrylic guard almost done
top and bottom even!

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theyre not shaped like little shovels
gravity kinda pulling the chips up
i need to dry off and relube the mill
acrylic lube = soapy water
truly a marvel of human kind

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i offered 25% less on 5x 1/16 4 flute ball, 5x 1/16 4 flure square, 5x 1/8 4 flute ball, 5x 1/8 4 flure square
i had a TiN 1/6" 4 flute
on 1/8" shank, i used it to route FR4 for the longest time
have you seen the lakeshore carbide stuff?
is where apestate gets stuff
they have AlTiN carbide
im prob going to get a long length of cut 3/8 AlTiN and two standard length 3/8 uncoated
looks like, bluish black
but the 3/8" are more $$$ and can last way longer even chipped
so the coating is prob worth the investment
for soft metal and plastic stuff i do it prob helps
well it should run cooler
so tool should just be more reliable in general
run cooler and with less friction, so less mechanical vibration/shock
inserts are probably alot better about that

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yeah totally
towards the end he was ebay msging me like, WILL YOU TAKE IT REPAIRED FOR HALF PRICE? WHAT CAN YOU OFFER? WHAT CMON
surely this didnt help his paypal case
man you dont pay attention
you can get them working for that price
i paid like high end of reasonable for the analog only system
impulse buy, i bid $500 more than i really wanted to, because i'm always wishing i had bid more when i lose
audio precision system one
ya rly
if its worth the money, give me mine back
im trying to best offet 20 small endmills for $100 from another dude
but this dude is cool he set me up with most my endmills when i first got the mill
uncoated carbide stuff, made in the usa

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paypal gave me my $2k back
yesterday was the last day for other guy to respond and he didnt
because i paid some dude for some shit then returned it\
mxman is our new leader so keep him opped
put it back onto the moneyball
i might buy newcar
but i want to try and fix some credit related stuff ans save up more so i can put a ridiculous amount down
wtf yes like everyday for the last 10 months
i got hired on as staff, paid hourly
kinda, i been spending an ok amount too

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