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hey wat topic
topic is creepy

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mxman: sockets

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does it work!?
dx^: neat @ audio links
damn just one rane
wait i think you can just download rane schematics

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so yeah im going to add apple juice
your tea is like ant food

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that sounds like a jp car
'pay us $$$ we will build you a module'
im going to go buy apple juice
and add it to this iced tea
and see if it comes out awesome like arizona red apple green tea
dude its apple juice
of course
its half black tea and half white tea with mago and peach flavor
good, yo!
and souther tea is like, boil tea, add sugar until it wont absorb anymore

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rab: tomorrow i get to hook up my DCR tester doombox to 4KW china amps
is like, 20V lm317 psu, $40 in electrolytic coupling caps, all - to - in parallel, and some caps and resistors for high pass filters
has DMM output like 10mV = 1ohm
and like the whole thing uses one side of a bridged amp as common
well whats new
how new
oh i guess so
its pretty neat
you dont like it?
just align you views or something
k sry =(

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i thought the complaint was usually opposite
maybe it is different in the south

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did you get an $8 maxim max232?

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