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projection wouldnt have worked during the day
those blacks were really black!

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is that leds or projected?
that shit looks like german for projector
oh i didnt see that
yeah the shadows were awesome

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heh @ 80 io pins
these prices are in european stuff

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the linear line is current
it says more current = more torque
soo look it tricked you
N line goes down with torque

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the switching gives the motor more impedance
torque falls with speed
because eventually the inductance overcomes the voltage being switched into it
its opposite from a gas engine
a stalled motor is like a dead short
a coil with voltage on it and no series resistance
so mad current = mad magnetic force = torque and eventually a burnt coil
dx^: which line is torque
these graphs are scaled down to much

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all the gearboxes are like $200+
$209 ones only step down by 10
that shit looks like its from english russia
you dont know about english russia?

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all the way at the bottom
its diff motors
get the datasheets
yeh they are
they make bigger servos but theyre $$$
30W max
yeh i saw those, sucks
they have gearboxes tho
those are like big small ones tho

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yeah dx whats joe gonna do with those motors
whats your budget

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can matlab do that
i need to learn more maths =\
i got an A \o/
same like i said before, prob depends on motors and drivetrain quality but if you have feedback and youre following a line anyway, whatevers
but like your feedback/line response would have to be kinda smooth else your bot will be all richard pryor'd out

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dx^: they make more torque at lower speeds
yeah they burn up at stall
wow this guy is too smart for me

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youre probably going to need to gear down anyway
wtf is minutes
yeah i just realized
eh eh

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naw dx is fucking me up now
i have no idea what he just did
1/4hp motor ftw
are their hills or anything?
whatevers hes using car batteries
this thing will haul ass empty
your ass will be riding it for sure

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you are building a very fat man, basically
heh dc motors you might not be able to keep steady speed
vs weight as you water
without feedback
so youre running servos even with cheap shit brush motors
you have visual and encoder feedback, you can use whatever motors you want
right, who knows
at least nema 23 size shit
and not if this thing has to go fast

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how many of these are you making?
like is this single or couple unit install or are you guys trying to take over the world
its hard to sell melted charred shit
it wont be
bot can get refills!
unless he means its 600lbs after a refill
cuz then you need to build a minitank
or you need like accelerometer feedback to keep the thing from tipping
or it has to be like goofy wide

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might as well be a servo encoder
what do you mean
dunno you prob need a smallish servo
compared to a CNC axis drive
if proper control means using the cam and lines as feedback, yes
if you mean just running them dumb, maybe
im thinking totally depends on the quality of the motors
i dont think cheapshit motors will do it
but i mean this thing has to follow a line anyway
so if your code is good you could use whatever motor

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make little bots
that can swap water loads
so 3 or 5 or 20 little bots water some stuff, come back get new water box, go water some more
okay yeah that works
either split the load or make it refillable or replacable
because 600lbs is gonna suck
is it dirt floors?
or concrete?
yeah tape should be fine
or paint
use steppers or servos
or i guess it doesnt matter because it can see

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why cant this guy use pipes
dude if youre gonna do all that why cant you just spray the fucking plants from above\
use flexible tube and mist
okay so no water turret on the cieling
okay and the thing is huge
so running hoses or pipes would cost a fortune anyway

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oh neat
just use two motors?
how much water will this thing carry?
fuck i think i forgot to clock out again
wow so you are making a tank

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use a torque converter
subarus are really torque converters in the middle?
vsicuous fluid center diff would be a fancy torque converter, im pretty sure
do a tank and use tank tread to couple to other wheels
your shit prob costs like $500 to make
and the first twi will prob be fail
for a big company, hell yeah it is
this is dx, budget is prob like $12 or something

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timecop: better heavy than light

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