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they fuck it up a new way every few months

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yeah for stupid simple main files
k im tired need sleep

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oh hahaha
i had jtag enabled in the fuses
its like that default, so i couldnt use those pins
macegr: i has codes
i have red and blue flashng on two shiftbrites
thats like cop shit
i was instantly offended by the shiftbrites

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greymoon: k i put your mod last its fixed

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greymoon: fuck i think fook breaks food and stuff

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greymoon: hey do i load your mod after fook?
do you have new modness?

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the spring his so hard it cracked the helmet and compressed the padding by his temple
that spring was not small, and they were both going fast towards each other
in the vid, you see it in like 2 frames, seperated by maybe 6ft, i dunno
was going fast

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spring fell out of barichello's brawn gp and hit massa in the head

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no man the building has multiple entrances
and i park on a little street behined my building
we dont do mobile audio anymore

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linden labs, i guess
oh did i mention in here overstock.com is win?
i fucked up and missed my ups because i forgot to call to tell them to hold for pickup
so ups is sending it back so i chat overstock and theyre like, ok well refund as soon as we get it
im like, cant i pay shipping to get it back?
and they said, o
and then they said they are sending a replacement
no 3 times
but i forgot
because it took like 10 days
no this time i forgot
i usually get stuff sent to work
but this was all big so i thought i would get it sent to my house
which is a total idiot move
because id have to fit it into my car anyway if i picked it up
anyway they are sending me a replacement
no charge
theyre not even waiting for mine to get back
tekrad: i dont use the front door
to my apartment
they leave stuff on the front gate
so anyway they are shipping it to work
we have a warehouse guy his whole job is to handle ups
its neat

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and a tiny bonding wire
500mm LEDs
yeah sucks i dont have anything for scale
no, too big
maybe your airplane
heh @ T157-1/2
those are actually the 300mm ones i think
the 500mm ones has the slice missing on one side to mark negative
tekrad: second life
its basically a 3d modeling engine you can walk around in
3d ui is pretty decent

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i made giant fucking leds
and particle scripted them to light up
they were like 6ft tall and to scale =\ =\ =\
i even put the whisker
then i stopped because i realized i had spent a whole weekend leqarning how to make giant pretend leds =(
i dont remember my login info
i might have pics sec
no but it has the tray
i made 3mm and 5mm ones
the little tray/reflector part

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for what you would switch too?
one of the factories or contractors uses that, we have a license on one of the pcs

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i want to get a vw bunny

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like, most dome tweeters are mounted in those 4" baffles
this is just a bit bigger than the size of the dome
so you can get it closer to the low end driver
the graph is unbelievably flat tho
so yeah i dont believe it so im going to test them
is it free still?
and why are you making this complicated

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not i
well, a little bit, its like setting up outlook express or similar
going to try these out

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other electronics guy there has used it since it was DOS shit, too
he uses something else for schema
to what?

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its an old one
theyre like 4" wide and shit
half the amp is heatsink
tekrad: you use pads?
or no
i think it was you
like it, no, what

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yeah but now youre taking time figuring out what to do
procorp awesome multi edition xp
if its like that, get a pirat version
i have some sansui thing, i have not tried it
i dont remember who gave it to me either
is prob borken
my computer amp is some technics chipamp receiver thing
like 50+50W probably

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heh some of that stuff is pretty neat inside
mrtube: reformat it if youre worried
reformat and then you just have to worry about it being some bullshit that lives on the windows network you have at work
that would suck

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its for sound

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ims urprised its not done in production cars already
possibly a problem with the actuator reliability

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thats not as cool but thats simpler

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says user controlled
prob a pot or somethin

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