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thats neat
if you finish your court sentence or treatment program or NA or whatever, you can get aid anyway
its not permanent

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the asshole is somehow coupled to her belly buttan

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they still have drama?

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i tried
cust service is closed =(
so i just get the tracking robot
i dont have their hub number in this phone =\
ok i paid them with survey
i wonder how big this package is
better fit into my volvo

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damn i said thanks you instead of thank you
thats weird because its almost like 'thanks, you'
no cmon
so i forgot to call ups and tell them to hold my package for pickup
so they sent my foamy mattress back to overstock =\
so im chatting overstock peoples and i think they are going to send me another one or something
we value your business with us and I shall release a replacement order of this item to be sent to you.

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like i said you can bitch about the interface
but dont say it doesnt do it
and first click is selection click
you scroll thru selectable objects
omg timecop
an american company has gone from manufacturing their designs in china to buying china manufactured designs to save dev costs?
timecop that NEVER happens
if you care, just ask them
they probably wont lie

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k but your reasons for nastiness and i gotta learn that shit anyway
shim for what?
what else?
i dont know but most likely
and eagle does that too you know
damn my mono color schema fucked it i think
its doing it right now dork
eyeball tool
so you can bitch about the interface if you want
but itll do that
top right icon in tools

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this is prob a bad idea
you could prob ghetto rig it
but the copper and fiberglass chips would ruin your machine
and it might not handle drilling and routing well
for the money youre dropping you could prob get some sort of photo-chemical setup for pcb
i dunno if thats smart to have that at home tho
heh, were using chinapcb for some proto stuff @ work
have you used pads yet?
kinda bloaty, if i remember right

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yeah you mentioned last night

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hmm i guess i need three analog switches

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i think im going to design a switcher with matched amplitude balanced and unbalanced input/output
heh, some tech before converted a preamp to do it
by making the switched inputs outputs
and the output now an input
but its relay based, and theres maybe half second dead time when you switch
which is pretty lame for listening tests
really i guess since i already did the balanced/unbalanced io i guess i just have to do like AVR for buttans and analog switch driving
oh lame, i never wrote the sample program for shiftbrite asm

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timecop: what did they say?
heh @ 1 hour 3-4 times yearly
no its nothing
most machine tools have daily maintenance procedures
and weekly/monthly/quarterly
like when blackmoon said oil 50 pts daily, that wasnt really a joke
likely this thing is made to be low maintenance office tool
but that might be why its only backed for a year
they prob says its fine for 3-4 years

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like some of the pins were kinda bent but the connector slid on
then when i looked at ours i saw the pin, i was like, oh thats why it doesnt work =(
and i look inside and the pin is like so smashed its like curled around its base
pci interface cards are $600 new
you can get old isa cards and run the thing from an old pc, tho
but yeah he prob doesnt have an interface to test it so he maybe doesnt even know
shit im late now
stupid ebay fucker

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oh hey guy msged back on the ebay
The problems that you told me regarding to the unit are not a proof of the unit is not functional but I WILL REFUND your money but I am waiting to transfer some funds to my account it takes a couple of days please be patience...
so basically, fucked generator monitor BNC and smashed in APIB port pins is still fully functional/excellent condition
but hell give me the money anyway
thats what some #cars dorks and ac-130u were saying to me
im like wtf thats not normal wear and tear
we have peripherals for ours at work so were plugging and unplugging these things all day, no problems or bent/smashed pins
yeah for the money i paid im not even trying to open the thing
i thought this thing was keyed

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yes, and this type of retardation has produced a ocean of distortion/overdrive sounds
you should encourage it
maybe just dont sit there and read it everyday

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i wonder if the open gates of the mosfets pick up noise and change the sound
heh, like unclamping effect for the diodes
hey dont talk shit about breadboards
this is like prototyping and emi testing all rolled into one
even nintendo has one

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how much is that pedal?
honestly it doesnt look much more crackish than average guitar pedal circuits
im looking at the schema
thats why i said it looks like standard audio pedal stuff
and its just an opamp with clipper feedback
hahaha @ ripped off
this circuit goes back to the LM741 datasheet
guitar pedals is always normal shit + random
because theyre standard circuits
neat so does this mean we are past the end of the world macegr?

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wtf are the mosfets connected to
doitle: almost all audio shit is made in china now, lots of poor soldering like that
so their america min wage labor sucks at soldering, also not surprising =)

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why, DSP is worth more marketing than tubes
dude tubes and diodes can prob be had for a couple $$$
of course they charge for tasteless graphics

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no u!
it sucks too
because you can pay a stupid amount and get some pretty cool audio shit
better look cool and sound good tho
haha @ sad
what do you think pro sound companies do?
build shit for $200 sell it for $1000
why would he be a millionaire
do you kow how many dsp amps there are?
dsp costs more money than analog

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yeah because shifts in ambient temp while change the cable impedance by like a whole 0.5%
anyway that sounds more like a joke than trolling

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i dunno i didnt make it
seems hard
because its like 11:20 in PA
thats where his cnc comes from
he mailed them in the middle of the night
and its not cheap aluminum
i crashed a tool like maybe .05 into it
long time ago
and its not like crumbly
it just has a .250 dimple!
and the tables are pretty cheap if it mattered that much
no soft stuff is crumbly
im saying the cut looks hard
but i dunno really the whole thing is anodized so its hard t tell what the metal is like

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auto lube system for the taig would be neat
oh i got a pair of matrix plates and a bunch of tiny tnuts
so i can put them on the wrong way
and have work holding surfaces sticking out like 10" in front of my table
workholding plates, tooling plate, fixture plate
dude i was jogging it like leaning into it and pulling on the ends
and its like whatever
and im like 240lbs, i weight like 3x what this thing weighs
or i guess 225 lbs
im alot
one of those
one with the cam holder stuff
dude i think the taigs table is anodized aluminum

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