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so you basically want to buy a machine and hire a machinist

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boobs doesnt seem so hard to machine
heh @ 8 hour cycle time
fast prototyping is neat too

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your failure was a success
pics or it didnt happen
thats neat
inittab: neat

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haha he maybe broke his neck and died and theyre all laughing

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isnt that an suv

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kinda scary

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ebay, like $50
30 > 12
itll work
racks are 19" wide
you never know
prob not
nothing happens on weekends
even in 2009

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`nico: heh @ blue VUs
what did you end up using as your 0db?

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and then you adjust the current or what
is this for DC shit
okay that doesnt seem nuts

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stfu danielson

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okay we can solve this
you just need some fets and some BJT
and a lighter
some sense resistors

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i think he has that he just needs to switch the polarity
and doesn to switch it with power on
because hes not gonna be doing any a-team reverse spinouts
heh @ flux coated shield

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75A dc motor polarity switch
see `nico is more hardcore than all of us

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how is the primary contact special that it wont weld
ooh neat
so macegr just needs some $100 servicable contact relays
you know youre hardcore when you have to swap out your worn tungsten contacts
this is a one of thing

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paddle switch w/ red safety cover for the override is essential
oooh or possibly a backlit square button with clear plastic cover
like in all missile silos in the movies
but yeah something fet based sounds like multiple prototypes
and alot of burnt plastic smell
$20 backemf diodes you need a wrench to install

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i dunno because of approaching cliff or something
well itd suck if they welded pulling off the contact
heh, massive arc and contacts turning molten and bending

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macegr: neat fet
but yeah, relays with some sort of state change lockout when the motor is moving sounds like a winner
then you dont have to worry about welding
just melting
oh course, this would suck if your space ship is rolling down a hill
and you want to throw it in reverse

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thats prob all your finger is going to change significantly
blackmoon: they prob mean submerged in liquid nitrogen

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longcat: its prob some custom clip on dealie

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