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want http://cgi.ebay.com/Audio-Precision-SYSTEM-ONE-SYS-322A_W0QQitemZ380133515893

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haha vid made topic
i showed exgf the determined coffee making girl robot, and she was all like yayay
then i showed her cancelled WoW freakout vid and she was like, mouth open, totally disturbed

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luckily is all setup so i just have to tell the machine how abusive, turn off the voice coil temp rise limit, and hit the destroy button
(it looks like PLAY but really this button means KILL)
i have to do audio electronics tester scripting today
like 100x more interesting and it doesnt wear me out

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it is when you have to do a bunch of them and you have to like lift them out sideways from maybe 6" off the floor
yeah thats not nearly as awkward and its prob not mounted upside down in a big box like a snail shell
and 60lbs is a guess they might be heavier =\
actually they werent 8" they were 12"
forgot this is for the subwoofer
heh, i get to power test one to destruction today

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sculptor: U
my shoulder is fucked =\
stupid E8B woofers
i think because i tested 4 of these high end 8" speakers with huge magnets
you cant really lift most of this stuff proper
either because of the way its packed or mounted to a cabinet and the way you have to orient them in the fixture
also we have a 21" folded horn woofer
that you have to like, lift sideways a few feet to pull from the horn
those are prob like 60lb drivers
haha right

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