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was fast
i had my big file partitions ext3 and my system stuff murderfs
i had kernel raid0 rfs too
in fucking prison
im gonna go finish watching F1
oh and change laundry i guess
was on fox earlier
british gp
no just fox
channel 11 here
like local fox
heh, same announcers as on SPEED
so what
anyway i want barichello to win
button fucked it up hes like in 7th so far
vettel is destroying everyone, fastest on every lap like 15 in

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tekrad: thats not a list thats a press release saying they fucked up
well, got fucked
same diff
the link doesnt have a list of affected parts
to the3 false components
i wanted a list =(
macegr: jes
'so did everyone stop using murderfs or what?

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pacific coast highway
or chp
california highway patrol
timecop: i didnt click
i has to pay a parking ticket

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this is some troll radio show?

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timecop: nice

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