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well, no
i do RF then signal, and then wish i had done power

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like he even knows
timecop: looks much better
timecop: signal and RF looks pretty predictable, id do power

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i tried to paste from .brd to .lib
and only pasted the copper layers

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info tool

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this iswhy it shouldnt bea problem
because theres enough space
you might haveto split the chips more
i would actually pull them apart or off board and then bring them together after routing stuff close to them
wha happen

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do it better it just looks like you started
subgroup the groups
space doesnt look like itll be a problem, you just have to string a ton of passives together

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hey where is dx
P3280 MATH 240 3 A
yeh =\
i havent gotten my psych grade yet
i dont really dont have 3 degrees unless he passes me =\
tc it doesnt look so hard
group all subcircuits

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bukkake is a noodle dish
figure it out

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oh hi
i gotta go =\

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