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heh, the shiftbrite config register macro is speed optimized
to change dot correction and pwm clock you have to edit cbi/sbi lines

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macegr: k im def going to make a simpler example program for the shiftbrite macros
i think the uncommented cascaded dds code might confuse people =\
'please to ignore the fixed point orgy and just skip to the last line at the bottom'

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why did it pull over the ambulance

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sounds like a plan
you have to heat it from the bottom from underneath tho
dont flip it upside down
the solder will just roll in

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use the spare one you bought
stop getting skinhead haircuts
its good plastic?
maybe bakalite?
heat it up and blow the solder out
then its prob a pimple
not an ingrown hair
i need a haircut
dreds was even simpler

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it has config file with like two parameters and pin definitions to set
backend file with the messier code
and then frontend file is just like 3 macros for color data sram access
so maybe not totally scary
k gotta go bye

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if the vref is low enough
else ya burn it!
but they make current mode switchers with refs prob low enough
macegr: im commenting the shiftbrite code is not as bad as i thought
for efficiency
else you could use an RC but then why even use switchintg
it has switch for 8bit and 10bit color data, and automatically allocates sram based on that and number of shiftbrites
its like too simple to not work
well, actually i dunno how well the preprocessor conditional stuff works outside avrstudio

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heh, we have tons of 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 ohm resistors
in like 5W to 1000W (4 of those dale 250W things)
the big ones are only like 5% tho
no like big aluminum cases for mounting to heatsinks
little ones
big ones
doitle: it doesnt fit?
push harder

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wtf http://www.modulatedlight.org/optical_comms/LEDPROT3.GIF
Normally, the adjust terminal is connected directly to the "load" side of R1: When the voltage drop across R1 exceeds about 1.245 volts, the current reduction occurs. In testing, I built such a circuit, using only R1, but I found that in order to set the limiting current within the 2.25-2.5 amp range, I needed a resistor of about 0.6 ohms - not a common value.
hi, 1.2 and 1.2 in parallel
While it would have been possible to synthesize such a resistance by paralleling resistors, I decided to construct a circuit that used more common resistor values and Figure 1 is the result. In this case, R1 is set for a slightly higher resistance to effect a higher voltage drop while R2 and R3 divide that voltage such that at 2.25-2.5 amps, the Adjust-to-Output differential is in the 1.245 volt range.
instead of two common resistors, i thought it would be a better idea to use three common resistors
its just kinda pointless, the #1 awesome thing about that circuit is you only need one resistance
less efficiency too
and dropout
and its already gonna be like almost 5v with the normalcircuit

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