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3 diff psychological approaches

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doitle: southern california
im almost done with psych paper
then im done with school forever
for this semester

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i should do something with those 7seg vfd tubes

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most engineering is like that
like, you get deep enough, and theres usually so many variables in real world application that it makes exact calculation impossible
heh, tubes is a ton of variation in manufacturing/performance

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i love those things
i think those devices are called dual pentode?
yeah, thats why i loved them
pentodes had multiple grids or something?
screen and grid, one was for like bias
i think all the big tubes were like that
but yeh, piles of a hundred preamp tubes were beautiful

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yay, i get a raise when im hired as staff!
also i have to think of a job title
boss guy thought of 'Engineer, Lvl 1'
which i guess is better than Jr Engineer
also, mouser/digikey power leds sucks
theyre either too much or less efficient than comparable luxeon/cree things
doitle: did you call marty?
hell have the sockets

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doitle: yes

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doitle: http://arselectronics.com/
call marty on the telephone and tell him what you want

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army/navy surplus buys old mil shit, but theyll usually stock other related stuff
some places will buy old electronics

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