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damn thats a long list
my shoulder still hurts
heh @ issue 11
looks like theres nothing to keep you from klobbering shit
wow there is a whole other issues especially for klobbering

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did the put the casting number on the head gasket side or something?
or you already know you have the wrong ones
its the part with the valves and rockers or cam

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i have a 22" quad something for that
i hope you have a usb cdrw or dvdrw
else doing os shit on an eee is drama
ive never heard that version of the incident
sadder that way
it does fine at that
did it hasd some oem install or something?
everything runs like shit from the factory
maybe you broke it
ive done cad work on mine on the bus
mines 700mhz celeron tho
cant imagine the atoms are worse

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thats what english teacher uses her ideapad for
they do higher res thru the vga port
haha its the same widths as my hands
im sure andre liked little dogs
anyway, there are tons of situations where a laptop is ridiculous
netbook works fine
you can use them standing up holding them in one hand
i mean obviously if its your primary workstation, youre doing it wrong

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pft, he touched it that thing is prob useless
atom microcontrollers, heh

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im pretty sures the declocked celeron sips
you mean like $5 their cost or something
that doesnt seem like ridiculous markup tho
big company, people gotta get paid, machines gotta be bought and upgraded, etc etc etc
prob same as mine
its blocky
longcat: also making stuff smaller and lower power usually costs more $$$

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looks like a mac mini or something
i hate big radiused corners and flat tops
yeh that should really be in the back
sculptor: neat
but yeh my 4g will do 2 hours with speakers up powering a usb hdd, playing avi
i should try that again see if they battery is still the same
macegr: sucks
i hate how theyre all glossy now
matte black like a thinkpad ftw
macegr: i doubt 4 hours powering a hdd and with speakers up and decoding avi
sounds right for just having it on reading something
i doubt itd go 4 hours doing wifi either

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yeh i supplement my 4g with a 160gb usb powered hdd
its great for movies
why not
i use the same media player for movies in lunix and windows
even mine does
yours has an atom
case too?

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get it, people still sell 701 8g for almost that much
longcat: theyre great for taking notes on and using in places a big laptop would suck
yeah pretty much
no its like scaled up 5%
and i have a 701
700 is either the 2g things or never existed, shrug
macegr: it looks exactly the same but they enlarged it like 5-10%
well, big laptops arent super portable
like, i use it at lunch alot while eating to do my hours
like, i couldnt fit my food and a big laptop on my table well
what am i going to do just sit there and eat
thats not productive yo
i dont use it if im eating with someone else, heh

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timecop: http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/06/07/oregon.pregnancy.murder/index.html
why didnt you post that pic

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