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blackmoon: its perfect for aluminum and synthetic/pcb stuff
but yeah performance in steel is not so great
and yeh i know people do the oil hardening
because yeah pretty easy

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i can get that
if you wanna do it just to do it, ill pay shipping
its maybe like $10?
maybe $15 cuz heavy
small box usually isnt too much

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it doesnt have to be super exact either because i have spring collets
yeh lathes are neat
just get it close and wrap some find oiled sandpaper around it and lean
taig has one
itll have to do it at 1Krpm
1224ER* Fly Cutter, 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 inch diameter with 3/8" shank used on ER16 spindle
Left hand tool bit included.
its only $20
you should keep it

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yes kinda
im rewriting a psych paper
so its hellish and slow
ill check back in a little bit
or you can msg, or something
thatd be neat

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its a 1A transformer or what?
youre going to put a reg on it tho, no?
prob drop out a little bit more with all the ic on it
itll prob be fine, as long as youre not overloading the regs

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12 * 1.414 - 2 * 0.7
diode drops in the bridge
usually 0.6 to 1.0, depends on the diodes and the load
goes thru two diodes to get back to the transformer
yeh but youre only using two at a time

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because it wasnt loaded most likely
calc says it should be ~15.5V

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blackmoon: ttmustang: hi wat

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ttmustang: neat
big caps
do you just hav an led on one side?
other cap is prob sitting there at whatever volts

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stupid 21" speaker
my shoulder feels all sore
naw you should feel good
you totally defeated that chip it was no match for you
$80 is lots!
does the ebay have them?

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would it work in your ecu
has the flaming begun?
yeh how much is that
well we dunno unless you say it out loud
or type it, whatever
he said that already
or maybe you mean the third
k, heh
chip is over

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i guess its just arc welding so i wont consider you insane

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so is your civic still alive?

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maybe thats why they call it resistor pack

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oh kickass
since i have an avr one shot, i can prob do a temp sensor shutdown
and then a blinding gun mode
a sip?
is it on its side
wtf at resistor pack

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newehh prob has pics of the back
i could buy something that would be easy to mount that way
okay so i think one of those cat4101 pwm led drivers, an avr with pot for adjustable one shot, and one or three of these:
i guess these are the good ones
fuck i need to stop this being usefull bullshit
rewrite my psych paper

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yeh but most of them dont rotate

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okay so do i make a one shot out of dflops or whatever or do i just make an avr do it
having a rotated widescreen for pdf would be the shit
i do full width and i can only see like half the pdf page

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i should ask in #emc about that
that was a prob with xylotex 1/8 stepping
im running full step now, and ive cleaned the screws and ways and redone the gibs and used the vactra no2 stuff
it gets really thin like it doesnt seem like its there
but if you touch it its like still slick
its like, thin but sticky
its not really, thick, weird stuff
yeh i got no kinda lubrication aids on this thing
okay so i think no one carrys lumileds power leds right now because phillips fucked the epoxy to put them together and there was a massive recall?

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cnc isnt like manual stuff either
i can get a little one
but yeah manual stuff you can like feel it
and adjust
like you can go way deeper and dig in until you feel the machine vibrating too much
or kicking back during cuts
yeh ima but a little flycutter from taig
blackmoon: with a really big cnc, its got servos and spindle power feedback
so like itll adjust
open loop stepper machine, you skip a step you fucked up
if your motordesync and kinda sit there locked up, youre maybe going to destroy your machine

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theyre not stable enough
just on their Z
maybe in a bigger cnc machine
i hate hss for milling
i cut metal
i didnt like it for steel either on bigass bridgeports
i dont like how the tips wear
no i hardly used carbide on the big machines at school
and yeah on my machine, pretty much
everything except drills
if you get the speeds and feeds right
my machine doesnt hog
and it doesnt even have conservative hp it has no hp
heh, it rounds off to zero hp
=\ =\ =\

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thats youre life if youre a machinist
everything you machine is only as precise as your fixture
also cheap vices lift
alot, it sucks
little toolmakers vices just dont, usually, heh
drill stuff isnt mean for sideways loading
no i am typo king
some are, theyre pretty hardcore
we had some huge drill presses at school with some weird two screw vises
but yeah they looked like theyd wear out with side loading
someone tried to use it to machine something with an endmill and instructor got so pissed hahaha
yeah i guess so you could position from both sides or something
or maybe it had two on each side

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blackmoon: the blocks are little
cuz remember when you look at the engine, more than half of what you see is the head
and the valve cover
think how big crankshafts are
like, the diameter
pistons dont move that much
mcm in #cars was doing it on a grizzly mill drill
for some lemons 24 race he plans to cheat furiously at
might have been
i think i remember the Z being a pretty thick box way
mounted to a steel box or something
yeah where you clamp the spindle assembly to a bar

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haha, camaro hackers have been annoyed
why is that hahaha thats how you rebuild an engine
why do you think they sell rebuild kits oversized
also you have to machine the block and head mating surface flat
i wish pic was bigger i could see the fixture
ive never been in an auto machine shop
sounds dangerous and intoxicated to me

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that sucks
they chipped it with the wrong chip?
damn youre car is like an adventure
is that a metal puck or what
what are they going to do to it =\
was it working before?
or you think its just totally wrong for the engine
isnt there some camaro hackers you can get prom bins from for making it work

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`nico: i think we maybe have that at work
or something with a z
omg you accidently the camaro?
`nico: oh no we dont
i think that one
in the ecu?
that sucks
hmm that seems cheap
`nico: how comes its cheaper
that sucks
what do you mean so soft updates
*no soft updates
like, the software interface?
or the firmware

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whats the black thing
machined casting
they can do alot of weird shapes with sandcasting, overhangs and cavieties

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