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ha i did konami code in gradius 3 without the L R buttons and it blowd me up

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ntsc filter and hq filter crash it =(
someone else has this problem...
had the same problem with XP and a 8800gts. I would crash the second I activated the HQ filter. However, when I manually edited the Zsnesw.cfg file. It worked fine. Just edit the HQfilter section as such....
Thank you so much!!! That worked fine
how is that a driver issue if it works with all the other snes emu

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i hit hq filter and it died
lame my zsnes is crashy

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so if i move into commercial space
then i have to pay more money for shittier internet
i think
i am romseed
haha the rom pack came with the zsnes i just downloaded

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roms incoming
okay now 950KB/s
was desert strike the hex tile game?
strategy thing?
or the helicopter thing
i dont remember what the hex tile thing was
had a bug you could overflow the carriers and your planes would appear in all of them
no it was end of the cold war themed
wholes world, lots of aircraft carriers and modern fighters and bombers
tanks, soldiers, etc
all on a big hex divided map
turned based vs cpu i think
no was like all those desert storm games, same kind of feel/theme
i dunno tho =(
dude ive been failing since i rented it like 15 years ago
roms hit 1MB/s

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Legend Of The Mystical Ninja
its last gen code
i mostly played that stuff on a gf3 and xp1800+
i dont remember it lagging down much
it did a bit tho, thats why usually used the eagle filter in zsnes
chrono trigger?
i never played it
im told im missing out
no wait thats not true
you know when you go to that party and dance around
and do some race
yeh i did that shit and was like wtf and played something else
its like a bbq or something
its outside
everyone says that!'
maybe i play it someday

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i think i was using it like 4 or 6 years ago?
i should try it now
omg wide screen
gradius 3 widescreen
where are my roms
no rly where are my roms
yeh torrentz.com ftw

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omg snes metroid ftw
yeh you should play them filtered at high res
with save state!
super eagle filter in zsnes was pretty neat
haha wow
even bowzer zoom in smw?
techsmurf: have you played it?
fucking amazing
you are samus
omg do it
i played it on a vacation
like, straight thru, like 18 hours of gameplay in 24 hours
then i did it again
in 8:01
i wanted to do it in under 8:00
my friend made me stop and look at some and i complained it would make me go over =( =( =(
thats pretty old now too

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bad habits
the last 10% of a projects takes 80% of the time or some shit
however it goes

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ive seen them

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rab: oh hi

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yeah pretty sure that works
forgot where the caps were but everything else is fine

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can prob use metal hardware and nylon washers
unless your copper is real close to the hole and not grounded

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ttmustang: itll work
as long as you got the polarity right on the caps
and diodes, and transformer if they werent kind enough to key it somehow
you posted the layout couple weeks ago i checked
you did the bridge right

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i can feel 35v supplies
but the 35v supplies i use are like 500W
ttmustang: neat
you have those now?
last time i asked you were at school or who knows
can you take pics?
ill pay is youre willing to ship them
or i dunno are they all in good condition?
im prob going to be CNC'ing them so they shouldnt be that warped
hehe yeah
heh, last time i clamped them in a vise with some silicone rubber on the jaws
i have to test my headphone amp again at work

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okay then its just dangerous to the circuit kinda
but i mean even grounded this is bad for the circuit
yeah i mean obviously if your mounting is non insulated and grounded, its bad
how is it grounded?
its not really safe ungrounded, if you do ground it you should def ground the chassis, and your circuit cant share grounds with another device
because its ground is really -30v
dont put the chassis at 30V and ground the ground
30v is right around where you can feel it
and if youre supply isnt pussy, its enough to start a fire
in weird fabric or weird metal stuff or who knows

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is it battery powered and not connected to anything else?
because then it goesnt matter
or an isolated wart
just means if you ground the chassis all your shit will be negative
well, offset negative, wont be inverted
is it floating or grounded?
no like the psu output
is the low side grounded or floating

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mrtube: hi
almost done woth school!
then back to amper/speaker project
ive never had prob with newegg refurb/openbox stuff

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either a touchpad or a platter with a fake records attached to an encoder on top
so you dont have the timecodes going thru a stylus and into a dj software box and then looping back thru your mixer to catch attenuation and eq stuff
you just have some spinny deck thing you can plug into a pc
i have time again i can get back to the rebuilding my two ghetto SL-1200MK2 project
i think its time for a nap tho

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heh, i had to take apart like 10 of our dj controllers once looking for non otp chips
a percent of a percent
hardware interfaces for dj software
no diff than midi interfaces like keyboards or sequencer pads
no originally they were used with time coded records
so you have timecodes going thru your analog mixer
and it can tell where the record is, i think serrato box will catch your eq adjustments
and attenuation, not sure tho
rane has a mixer thats has parallel analog and digital systems
im not sure if its all dsp or really a parallel system tho
but yeah its so you can spin/mix/scratch mp3
so companies have been making units that are like turntables without the records

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real eproms with like windows and shit
heh, theres an eprom PIC at work
yeh i dunno what hes talking about
otp, ballsy
they make otp flash
pretty sure its always cheaper
81 wont work exactly the same as 87
otp will work exactly the same as normal flash
otp is for products youre kicking out the door, dont want to change, shrug

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i need to make a one shot to get an led to work with that strobe controller
it doesnt scale duty cycle with period length
guess it doesnt matter with a strobe because once the cap has dumped out thru the arc, its done until its triggered next time with a full cap

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everyone in california can do GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAAAA

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that usage always reminds me of kennedy talking about giving rush limbaugh a hummer at mtv music awards like 1000 years ago
not that kennedy

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well, not the penske thing
i just heard that today i guess they eventually want to shift to rebadged china and korea things
most the components are prob chinese anyway
which one?

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hey how long does shipping take from deal extreme?
you know i never really thought about going someplace else to buy a car
the only place thats prob worse on the west coast is bay area

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everyone i known owned a small i4 vw loved it
newer all cars
ive been in a bmw recently
the new honda felt better inside
dunno i think the next up from entry level
well the lower end models count you know
anyone can build a good car for a shit ton of money
im not into mercedes
well, their F1 engines i guess
tekrad: hostage
i hate that shit
its alot better getting it delivered to work
least i can go to the bathroom
no one else will take the package?
heh cute
tekrad: youre not at work youre at home!

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hehe, torque peak around like 2krpm, fun car to drive
techsmurf: i dont want a camaro =\
i was thinking that yesterday, ive owned two japanese cars and a swedish car
and i want to get a german car
i cant think of any practical american thingsa i want
i dont have money/time for something like an old vette or camaro
yeh probably
wont be for months
im prob just going to drive the volvo until it starts failing
everything is high mileage here
low mile cars are $$$

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mxmanwork: all those between 85-92?
whats the 2L 16V one called?
so does zwip
k ty
hey are those vr6 things good?
oh that sucks whats wrong with it
theyre really expensive so i figured either theyre good or theyre rare because theyre dying
damn sad
theyre 5 spd no?
you dont need tons of torque car that little
dunno the 85-92 ones
the 16v i guess
my crx was like 90lbft of torque and like 50hp

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your carbon monoxide went down
co2 went up
mxmanwork: which car?
you have a gold, dont you?
what year and do you like it?
was thinking maybe i could find a low miles late 90s one
are they 1.8L back then?

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maybe it ignites earlier and more evenly with more fuel
he was getting 25mpg it was prob rly lean!
wat is a pph
in fuel weight?
fix your camaro
oh you got the new ones already?

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