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you waited too long

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sounds kinda like bagpipes

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i love that movie
the geeker girl is #1
the tank tech girl
uhoh, its the printer dnb track

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inittab: thats kinda neat for the $$$
yeah i was just wondering

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you could bridge
yeh thats prob good shit
its an AB chipamp
THD specs are pretty ok

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jezus fuck guys
ltspice just did it
took maybe 10sec
ok i counted, 8 seconds
like a semiconductor company or what
like mobile stuff
oh, no not really
dont do anything with mobile stuff really
ha @ canuk
need 25v
well, no

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up to 12 opamps

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mmm jamba juice
im about to abuse the fuck out of ltspice

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macegr: old car is old, also there is tear in tire sidewall (!), also finals next week and have homeworks, also studying
haha you prob need sleeps
oh also catsitting for someone

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what is that in american moneys
prob $1M
heh the rear panel pic is pretty sexy

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heh @ topic

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yeh but like, job will be withholding
so itd be like id be taxed twice
id get it back, im sure
i have to ask tax guy
cuz i guess i filed some estimated taxes thing, but maybe i can refile or something
i think there is some fee if you dont pay the estimated taxes

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]/op apestate cheater felix icekille sculptor3 zzzz \
hahaha, i am the greatest
im not even here enough to know whats going on
so i have to figure out if i still have to pay this estimated taxes shit if i get hired
because if not, i have a fuckload of money saved up
if i do, im angry, thats fucked up

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no i have no place to keep a surface plate
k bye work
damn when did that happen

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like, that much money i want those watertight mil circular connectors with matching receptacles
bunch of companies now
circular ethernet, usb, audio stuff
two of those...
two of those...
something like that
its red not pink!
tho the foam surrounds turn kinda pink when they get really really old
damn thats dbx is only 4ch thats lame
maybe they discontinued it because it sucks

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well, not really
like, speakers a speaker, the technology isnt specific
but car subwoofers are built for looks more
too general to answer
in general, the biggest difference is car subwoofers are cosmetic, and sold retail
home drivers arent normally sold raw
so i mean logic can go like, youre not spending as much on cosmetic stuff
like the connectors and the frame look
or various pieces of trim hardware
this is more money you can put into development or the driver itself
doesnt even make me react honestly
audio industry can sell $3 cables for $3k and keep a straight face

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no sir
we aim to take homeowners, and make them homeless criminals
see because they have money people who are already homeless, not so much
compared to foam and pleated paper?
well, as long
mostly it discolors, we have some really old speakers with foam tho, it still feels the same
i dunno if you used it everyday if it would be like that
i guess most speaker designs, the majority of the suspension stiffness is the spider

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heh you can get a GPIB option for the audio precision test stuff
normally is this APIB shit
Simply the biggest and best tower on the market, the CLS-215 from Cerwin Vega features 2 cast frame high excursion 15" woofers and delivers earthshaking bass down to 24Hz. With guaranteed "eviction notice" performance,
hahaha @ these speakers will make you homeless
my guess is audio precision interface bus
its how you daisy chain all their hardware devices

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so its basically the controller terminal
seems overkill for a compressor!
tho compressor status stuff would be neat

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unless its thick itll prob break
and yeh it might break anyway when it gets old
like 1/4"
acylic like gets tiny cracks and turns brittle when it gets old in outdoor environments
you can get smoke lexan
most molded lexan products ive seen are like grey tinted
wtf is an hmi
like a controller box or is that what you call a button

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1/4" acrylic is pretty hardcore
its like aluminum
high feed, low speeds
else it melts to your tools
it can
yeh polycarbonate is a much better choise at 1/8"
yeh you can get it at home depot or osh or wherever
1/2" from the edge id do 1/4" acrylic or lexan
are you using this for mounting or hanging or what?
like, i think the 1/8" will work but if your supporting the lcds weight with it, i think itll break like if it gets bumped or something
like the drills crack out to the edge
no im totally confused

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06:37 <@inittab> fwd drifting ftw
heh i can get my mini to drift in fake racing, kinda
heh, minislide is basically coming off the gas to drip the front
steering into the turn way faster than the mini is capable of turning in
then when the car turns in, you floor it and do opposite steering, like normal oversteer
only really, you are understeering sideways
its pretty rigid
inittab: probably fine for that depending how much is left just hanging unsupported

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