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that would be a pretty good buy tho
could prob file down around the drills, likely works fine
i wonder if they went over it with the jaws

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yeh i cant really use big big stuff
its open loop step
ver bottom right
is what i have i think
but prob lower grade, and it was on sale
tolerances were sub-mil, but not great, just good enough
yeh its prob better
mine maybe lifts a mil
its neat they dont really lift
kurts are $$$
but its like, lifetime buy shit
just dont crash it
that thing would prob tip my machine tho

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i make good money but like any less and itd be like paycheck to paycheck edge of crisis shit
tho im planning on school in spring
so im prob going to be loan fucked anyway
screwless toolmakers
its too big really
its a big toolmakers vice
i love it tho

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yes, but its still work
its getting better
but yeah, this is the min i will work for in this city
i dunno good is all relative here

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heh hope they dont try and cut my pay
but i have tax money saved up for the rest of the year almost
so since it will get withheld, i think maybe i dont have to pay
i have to ask tax guy
yeh but i wont do this job for less pay

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196K miles
it runs same level of rough as when i got it
but i dont want it to crap out like 200mi from home
then i got no way to get to work and im maybe stuck in middle of nowhere
maybe like 10 years ago
so i survived another round of layoffs at work
and engineering vp guy said he wants to talk to me soon about hiring me as staff (im still contracted)

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aw he left
i wanted to tell him i cant go to make, not sure i trust the volvo and theres a tear in one of my tire sidewalls
also i have homeworks to catch up on and i should prob study for my psych final

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no it would track the train it hooked to
youd get an alarm on delink
i guess it isnt already implimented

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i wanna do a tube preamp
12AX7 are cute
he never ever responds when i bring it up
he usually shutups
or just calls me a moron with no reason
wtf at led simulation
the zigbee train tracker
without investors
that was honestly his best idea
the zigbee part was retardation

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millions of people didnt use that same exact 2x4
or i guess they did

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yeh i didnt think about that
blackmoon: its new
people collect this kind of stupid shit
is he using links2 for wikipedia
i want a tek mainframe

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is he gonna open it up or what
damn this is going to make me late
thats like when i threw a cig butt at the ground and it landed straight up

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