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do you know gate level logic?
if you dont, thats why learning fpga has to suck so hard

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else if you dont have alot of loops around the coil, they come unpart and tangle themselves simultaneously

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you pull the end with the wart
or the start of the cable
like, itll pull one of the loops tight around the cable you inserted thru
its a bit more stable like that

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mouser sent me two catalogs like, MAILROOM: DISTRIBUTE
i wonder how much tangle of random cable and wire sells for on the ebay
not in awhile
yeh i have several
i need to like, integrate the small tangles into the big ones

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also i was thinking of mounting tooling plates off the sides and front of the table
and then doing spacers and toggle clamps or something

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he did that with one of the amps, to test, said it sucked getting that one assembled
also, work uses lm3886 in some products, and i guess if you solder first, then mount to a heatsink...
and you crack the chip, alot of time it will short output to a rail
thats bad for speakers =(
also i did mine tapped
instead of with nuts and long hardware
thats not all 10x20"
thats way bigger than my table so i have to figure out how to mount it
maybe just drill some holes and mount to the table with spacers
i wish i had a big mill

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and im not sure exactly what the cabinets gonna be until i know what im using for woofers
so yeah im going to make a template on a smaller piece of stock
see how the bars are mounted and the pcb are mounted to the plate with standoffs
heh, mine is red
so yeah, if you solder the chips in
then try to assemble, the chips get bent up

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i should remake my 317/337 cigarbox bench psu
aluminum panel and shit
whats the weight
and new bridgeports arent as big as older ones
i found my aluminum plate!
the 6x10" thing
of .250" i think
it was under some junk on my bed
so i think im going to use that to make a template to solder up my amps
bunch of drill hole basically, to align the pcb standoffs and the bars the chipamps are mounted too
so the chipamps and vregs arent soldered in misaligned
and milling the backplates is gonna be drama
because theyre too big for the mill so its gonna be four setups
so ima need a ficture all hanging off the mill table

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i have so much junk that isnt trash
its depressing
how straight, heh

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blackmoon: heh

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well, yes i guess this is a form of power
i need to clean up
theres is like a debris field of cig boxes and sees candy lollypop wrappers and little empty keef jars
neat at sensible storage space
i am lacking
i want to start boxing my shit but i cant really move out until fall =\

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i wonder how they are doing power measurement
it prob doesnt work with DC =(
actually i think that thing had carbon brushes, it was all sparking like it did
no i mean the battery
oh neat
theres obviously pistons inside
to suck the tesla energy from the surrounding area
they showed a scope that was triggering funny
wasnt even a storage scope
how are they measuring power =(

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'hasnt seen it'
wtf does looking at it prove
it spins, it can power shit, they have it running off a grid
did they even mention it powering itself or what
all i saw was one 'independent' EE saying that shit works
independent like, maybe not working
its not like its hard to test

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