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dock thing is prob good for cooling
unless the thing itself gets hot

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twingy prob knew that

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switches multiple io into a single one
wasnt gfr the i do computers and magic the gathering guy?

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hmm i cant find specs in the ad597 sheet for Zin
ha bias current is 100nA
so yeh at 300R youre dropping like 30uV
how are they cheaper?
oh the non-maxim, i read maxim
i dont think i saw one over $1 besides the maxim ones
does maxim make 555s...
input impedance
but bias current is related to it

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could also flip it with an inverting opamp but youd be adding a stage of error
OMFG $3?
theyre $3-6
ttmustang: theres like 8 other companies making them
and theyre all under $1
just digikey search 4051 and click on the switches/multiplexers category

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what do you need the bipolar supply for?
oh neat
this is for ad597?"
never used one with negative voltage
i bet it works awesome tho, that shit amazed me how simple it was to use
yeh because youre freezer guy
i need to bring a thermocouple setup to work
we have natsemi temp sensors some of the 'engineers' at work keep calling thermocouples
i stopped trying to correct them, i just make sadfaces now =\
yeh thats smrt
its really high impedance so standard analog mux should be ok

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also neat

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ttmustang: neat
are you going to wire up the primaries for switched 120/240 operation?

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its like this chubby latina teenager look

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no dont do it!
is it populated?
everything still dumplings
yeh im not impressed by this girl
is she smart or funny or good at something or what
ok if thats your standard, yeh that looks female
kinda yeh
why is she scratching her inner thigh
is this her OMG I GOTTA PEE BAD pic?
shes not orca fat, ccfl_man
by your standards shes waif

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that sucks
maybe call them on the phone and tell them about that
email people and phone people prob different people
haha youre fucked if it isnt!
i need clear tape

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and the pulley belt is so small itll slip under load
but besides that its holding up pretty well
i think the xylotex step driver is maybe getting old
does weird stuff in chopper mode
hmm, ill bring your bolts to work maybe i can find a box for them there
mail them at lunch
even with thick clear tape armor im not sure the box it came in will survive 1k trip =\

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thats way cheap
omg 3 days
dont buy it if it goes over $200 i think you can get those for like $350 new
heh, phase ii is nice china shit
thats as good as local
thats kinda better maybe you dont have to go anyplace
so i ran my cnc for like 30 hours, full travel, full speed
after flushing off the old grease and putting vactra 2
thing is flat within like .001
im kinda impressed i thought it would be like 2 or 4 times worse over the whole table
like, taig just sucks because not enough Y
and the motor could use an upgrade

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