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all the plots in this natsemi datasheet say Ap in the corner
i wonder if theyre using test gear like we have at work

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this is true
might be thermal
or just some random emi thing
the emi thing could just affect one dim
thermal is maybe manufacturing defect if you dont have fansink exhaust pouring onto it
i have to write more of this stupid paper

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i had an antec blow up
true power 480 in the summer
<3 my lian lie case
i gtta go buy a can of air and dust everything
mine just has two 120mm =\
i might buy this thing so you can mount a 120mm by the side vents
my moms psu took a shit
i put mine in it and plugged in her chassis fan
which screams because its an old cpu cooler fan
like, the psu i gave her was removed because it was giving me ram fuckups
so i bet it blows up this summer
i dunno what pocs are which anymore
i have a q6600
im pretty sure its still ok
theyll blame your psu

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no u
fucked up
not so much
pulling mem fixed it?
you had 4 dimms?
if they test it on their bench with their psu and its fine they prob just send it back
i did a pair of 2gb
your psu is prob overkill, no?
mines 120mm
does yours have a practically open mash back?
yeh those psu seem to push a ton of air
i have a rosewill like that on my cnc box
i think this one is coolermaster

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kostix: i dunno ive never used one, probably
@ being free rotating
i think they have a way to tension the spring usually

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might wear quick and stick
i seen what youre doing, done with springs
instead of nuts and threaded rods
ha, new
thats prob the safest for work thing youve ever posted not involving a pcb editor

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was too slow

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heh, prince songs are funny

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aleve is ++

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$30 custom cut from online metals
for like 12 x 6 x 0.25
of 6061
youll get fucked on shipping
if you have a local place that has what you need do that
you guys still have manufacturing i bet
its kinda dying here
heh, yeh i wonder where they keep all the factories in mexico
2x4' of 1/2" 6061 is like $500 =\
that would make an awesome desk
that seems pretty good

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yeh but most the time i do work in the middle
i need to be better about that
itd be more like right left middle
i usually use most of the Y
has to do more with the fixtures
guess so
thats not much at all =\
i get that with drills sometimes
like theyll be longer than the holes are deep
its weird
1" hole, 3" spiral
dunno maybe $20

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so you dont always get consistent backlash

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usually because youre working with dial markings alot
check manufacturer datasheet
you need decent backlash, hopefully under 3mil
and you want step resolution of under .001
so do stuff like .012 space/trace
aluminum isnt so expensive
its cheap compared to steel
and most synthetics
heh, wood is cheaper, not much else
backlash is weird with pcb
because almost no load

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so even if you were the thread peaks down, you can tighten the whole block around the screw
hehe thats a neat prototyping technique
ive thought about doing stackup chassis before
you cant find any 1/2"-20?
with 200 step motors it works out to .00025 resolution, pretty convienient
well, yeah

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sell it, those things are due to disintegrate
is it an 80s or 90s body?
kostix: heh
thats your anti backlash?
oh neat
its an rs or a good one
v6 tho?
i dont remember what those came with
oh neat
kostix: if you did that with brass blocks sliced and tapped so you can change the tension on the screw, it would be pretty win
because how it is now, you are going to be wearing mostly against the side of the screw threads
so theyll wear out
and you can only adjust your setup so much before screws are gone
but if you slice your blocks, you can use some nuts to clamp threaded brass blocks onto the screw

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yeh but you prob didnt get it at harbor freight or home depot

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tekrad: heh @ #2 tap
good luck
their 60 piece set goes down to 4-#40
heh @ 'alloy steel' construction
wtf is elektralube

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i wonder what his developers think about that
tho i guess that branch of the company, they mostly make deals and subcontract everything

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on the collar i think

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yeh girls like babies to
hey guess what its the same fucking thing
staffy got alot of cute shit

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also theres a fucking catalytic converter in the way, the kinks in the tube prob arent that significant
also normal pipe bends sometimes the pipe kinda flattens
less area to flow thru
ha wtf @ 20hp
tested how and on what car
oh, yeh thats different

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prob the die
turbulence isnt always bad
for exhaust it can prob smooth out the sound, on intake for turbo routing it it maybe helps the fuel mix
muffler is a bunch of baffles and fill material/screens to kinda diffuse the engine sounds

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zeeshan: that machine doesnt seem particularly huge
yeh that seems like a normal sized machine
he neat
the china factories do the plastic injection
we have a fast prototype machine
but thats like cnc gluegun
no we dont make the tooling
im not sure if we even design the molds themselves, or just send away the solids, im not very involved with mechanical
wtf @ 1" thick sheet
thats a plate, yo

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