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test it
and yeah wtf dont use it for anything dissipating any kind of heat

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this is truth
it works
if your shit gets hot itll melt

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yeh but he wabts to click a knob and get a new channel
or something

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and the eq curves plot neat
maybe tomorrow i have enough time i can make some sexy graphs and shit
total harmonic dongs
plus noise

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so i tested my headphone amp with random 54R resistors
because i was all wanting to go home and thats all i could find right there
and my headphones are ridiculous sensitivity 64ohm dealies
so yeah, right at 20Hz, its like 0.2% THD
but it dips down quick to maybe .01
and back up to .1% or so by 20KHz
pretty low level tho so prob most of that is noise

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dx^: !
tho considering what i pay for books at my academic level and my interests,
that seems fair
how fucked is that? that i think a $190 is resonable =(
if i could, yes. yes i would.

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i put my fsp psu in it
so only matter of time before it does it to itself
fortran source power
i believe
my bad fortron source
oddly fsp group wensite doesnt mention anywhere what FSP means

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fuckin psu crapped out on my moms box
and nvidia driver wont go in and the fucking tabs on display properties is gone
haha i remember it having that problem i guess i just went fuckit and left it
system restore to years ago?
it goes back to feb 2009
that pc has had this problem prob almost two years

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wtf tc why are you stuck on rs232

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