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had to google it dunno where my algebra book is and the appendix of my trig book is weak

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haha wtf @ difference of cubes
Difference of Cubes - An expression of the form a3 - b3. The difference of two cubes factors into (a - b)(a2 + ab + b2).

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k back to homeworks

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damn the system one isnt listed anymore
that thing is prob $20 years old
guys buy me ap system one
this sounds like probable fail

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wtf fake tan
i want an audio precision system

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macegr: dont buy anything CV without asking me first, heh
also flowers are expensive wtf

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low demand, stocking costs
you must pay for their shelf.

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dont buy an HF welder

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tho yeah most of their shit is pretty decent
if i was going to use them every single day, id consider it
else its $$$
their sets are priced ok but you buys tools a few at a time from places like that youre wasting money
like, if you have the money to get one of their sets, its prob worth it, lifetime buy
something to take care of
yeh but a set at HF is prob like 1/10 a sears one
well, 1/5 to 1/10
their hand tools are fail tho

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no dude its the same shit
husky and pittsburg small tools are literally the same thing
home depot is crap
the more expensive shit is the same stuff
anyway, we dont make shit anymore
like, i can get an #1-#60, A-Z, 1/8-1/2 x 1/64 drill set, import is $45
domestic is $650
both TiN coated hss
im pretty sure if i put .001 calipers on the import set, all those drills will be dead on
wtf is HD and sears sells low end shit too

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the more common stuff i guess it grips a piece of the exposed bolt
from the outside but like that wont work on most bolts if you broken the head off =\
get some TiN coated HSS drills
do a pilot hole
i should go get that
those are neat because theyre stubby
so they dont wobble or flex
so you make a little pilot hole and then drill onto that and itll go straight
its a steel bolt
thats why im saying to get those or similar
`nico: so is most american shit!
they stock the same shit as home depot
drills are wobbly

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sculptor2: http://www.brandsplace.com/0246-kd-2419.html
so you would load it into a drill press or hand drill depending on the work
you can get them at home depot, prob osh and lowes too
yeh i think the home depot ones might even come with the drill
im maybe confusing it with their taps tho
i guess the threads arent sharp enough to really cut in far, so itll get a good grip before damaging the inside threads of what the bolt is stuck in
theyre not sharp, not a cutting tool

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tapered course reverse thread
and those somewhat conical reverse thread things
but yeah you would drill it out a bit and just drive it in counter clockwise
so it digs into and catched the bolt
i think the taper mostly lets it work with multiple broken bolt sizes

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those course tapered reverse thread removers supposedly work
ive never used one but everyone else says they do, shrug
`nico: i highly doubt it unless it had almost no torque on it and no corrosion or dirt between the threads
yeh but dont you work in a high end machine shop
i mean, if you guys cant get a bolt out...

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