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wait but i think you said what i thought of?
just make it a tube and use its center and the inside and outsides average out
dx^: is that really all calculous is?
thats stupid easy
i have issues with exponents in algebra
sucks =(
These formulas are the same as for a cylinder of length 2.R and radius r, created by cutting the tube and unrolling it by straightening out the line running around the centre of the tube.
thats what i said!
i dunno i just forget how to simplify them and shit

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i dont think we have one of those
and its prob been two or three months
prob ok
yeh or that
twingy in guantanamo
k im guessing but couldnt you just use the ring thru the center of the toroid
and use that for heigh and multiply it by the area of the cross section of the toroid
or it doesnt magically average out like that
okay or make some algorithm that slices it up
and then you just calculating the area of two circles and subtracting
and then adding a ton of those up
like stacks

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you fuckers with your concrete floors
hi carpet

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ac-130u: its pretty high impedance so it prob works fine
omg @ haas

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hi what
ac-130u: maybe
itll only work one channel unless you make a cable to split the mono
ill check gimme few minutes
i have 3 of those sony threaded miniplug to trs adapters
that dont work with other miniplugs

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stuff like that but 8" long with little inch long blocks
im pretty sure theres bearings on top
zeeshan: roller?
people who get linear rails/bearings usually are pretty happy with them
ttmustang built his thing with linear rails
whats your budget?

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sculptor: the ways for the X are those little rails mounted on top of the side beams
like 6" above the red panels
i dont fit under there i get stuck like 3" past my shoulders =(
its kinda okay for scale if you can pick out the rail
hard to see because theres a big dark hole right above it
theyre tiny!
the *only* maintenance on the machine that had been done when i got there was LPS spray lube on the ways at the end of every day
after wiping
at least they didnt fuck that up
but yeah i guess it has a bearing the rides on top and two on the sides
sculptor: at westec a couple booths had the tiniest little linear rails

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i dont think itll even be stable unloaded
slideways or like 1" bars w/ linear bearings
the router at work had like, tracks
like bar ways
it doesnt matter
fucked up unstable wont even do .01 well
sculptor: theyre box ways or recirculating linear bearing ways mostly
lighter stuff will have bearings
hehe i like the taig its tiny but it has boxways
sculptor: the big router at my old job had like .75x1" rails
kinda pinched on the sides
like a fat ibeam profile
youd hear the bearings rumbling along it, i was pretty amazed it was handling that kinda weight well

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zeeshan: you need mass
dioxide: ive only heard bad things
your uprights are to thin
and your Y body is flimsy
you need a fuckton of angle bracing like dx said
if you want to build that light

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that look like its gonna be unstable as fuck

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sounds neat

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heh @ karate chopping metal with a shaper
somehow small dedicated monk works for that
ha neat

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shit like attempted square waves thru tuned circuits, poppin out as a sine

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k teach me verilog i may be able to tell you
you only have a few minutes tho

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