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at westec they have haas machines everywhere
haas had the biggest area and like every toolmaker demoing their shit had a little haas machine center
but those machines will throw piles of chips like in these vids
yeh thats how big stable machine with big cutters do
its weird to see it its like its not even a big deal

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1"+ endmills are neat
big machine and thick endmills you can go deep
it doesnt matter so much on my machine
it doesnt really cut enough to heat shit up like crazy
i dont get what you mean

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im going to buy some mobil vactra no.2
1 gal will prob last the taig multiple lifetimes

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yes its a tradeoff
like, do you need to get ripped
or do you need to concentrate
but i mean if youre willing to carry a shout spray bottle of wd40 around
and regrease every 10min
wd40 is awesome

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its a two step process
moral of the vid: get a fucking bandsaw w/ roller bed
how many things have you ruined?
wd40 is great for cleaning shit youve broken down
and then you regrease or oil
its like less hardcore than carb or brake cleaner

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for machine lubrication, usually
its very thin
thats why it penetrates
but itll strip out any heavier lubricants
kinda yeah
danielson: wd40 works if you constantly reapply it
so yeah it doesnt really work
wd40 prob cools way better than 3in1, boils away faster
2 weeks later...
i usually use wd40 to clean stuff
you have to get them dirty
the dirt mixes with the wd40 and becomes the ultimate skateboard bearing grease

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23:00 <@seravitae> anyone know of some pumps (liquid pumps) that can handle high temperatures, like 100 celcius?
car water pump
o i see now

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is it all dsp or youre doing controlled analog stuff?

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your vid is too long it failed
nm its back
stupid youtube
no im like 7min in
and audio was pretty ok

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kevtris: neat
parameter and raw data display screens are cool
what kind of display is that?

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oh it doesnt actually work
its just for looks =(
haha @ stacking the little tread plates and machining them all at once

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k watch out

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! means i have a comment?
your acronym list
first one

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cheater: what
differential pair usually isnt an output stage thing
on the feedback?
its maybe the AB output section
half bridge
on that?
in series with the speakers
or in series with the feedback
either is to kill DC offset actually
you bias them so theyre always conducting a bit of current when idle
so offten youll see a string of diodes or another transistor and some resistors (Vbe multiplier)
to set the voltage between the output transistor bases
anywhere where is the big cap
on power amps, you have to use pretty big values for feedback resistors
or you spend lots of money of expensive resistors
and waste power
so you need a bigass cap in series with that
tho i mean 'power' and 'bigass' are relative

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yeah but then youre stressing the tool
like, no the edges
risking breaks
also your machine stability comes into play more
but it means less overall cuts
which means longer tool life
unless youre overheating stuff
then it means shorter tool life
yeah its diff for every machine, every tool, every material
you can buy the machinists bible, but if you read the section on speeds and feeds...
its basically like,
okay no set of tables or equation can tell you how fast or deep to cut
because theres to many variables
like basically common sense and experience
but then they spend 200 pages talking about how to do it
and yeh
not always
i mean sometimes there is a pretty good chomping sound of the blades going thru the metal
but it shouldnt scream
moaning is usually low freq stuff from the steppers

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drills cant even do it
yeah but look at the structure of a turning cutter vs an endmill
tooling for a lathe is usually like, block of ground metal
yeah its pretty neat
the leblondes at school had big trays underneath
was like throwing away clouds of twisted up metal
yeah you gotta keep moxing
like, you go to slow/deep, it gets hot quick in spots, stuff warps or just expands and you cut too deep
like, it wont be too deep on the lathe
but you measure it 30min later itll be too small
yeah its all relative
those are numbers from a tooling company
so they want their shit to last
so they can sell you on value

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carbon steels it says like 175-250
says make your cuts per flute .0008-.002
so thats how you get your feedrate
yeah i calculatored it fool
1 cut per flute
its rpm times flute to get cuts per minute
sounds right
welcome to machining

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the speed the tip of the cutter is flying thru the metal at
not the speed you are pushing the endmill at
ac-130u: big machines just do that
blackmoon: sec
anyway you base you cutting speed on the metal youre working with
to set your spindle, then you calculate your feed based on chiploading per tooth
mostly related to your tool size
like how strong your tool is
then depth is kinda like, how strong your tool is and how stable your machine is
if your shit is strong enough then maybe thermal issues if youre feeding slow

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hmm kinda
mrtube: how much capacitance did you use?
you have to figure out how much its cutting per tooth
and the cutting speed of the cutter, with diamater and spindle speed
in feet per minute usually
like, steel you prob want to keep it under 100fpm

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if you do 2mm holes 10mm apart the caps snap in like magically
yeah i dunno what the fuck their normal application is
i solder them
ask nico hes smrt

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dunno maybe, just gotta go slow
snap in caps are neat
they are like stuck to my pcb
panasonic ts series caps
they have like, little claw leads
maybe .2" long

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i need a techshop so i can belt sand off the top copper of this pcb
thats takes awhile and some stuff i dont trust it as much
also this is like big power traces i dont want etching stuff anywhere near the copper on the bottom
it should be able to do it fine tho its made for being loaded sideways

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no u
mrtube: im doing pcb for the unregged psu stuff right now
im done with other project so i can spend all my money on the amp and speakers now

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hes still idling
so hes not dead on irc

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maybe like $700 if i can get the motors for cheap
and its hard to justify because for most the shit i do the little X/Y steppers are doing surprisingly well
fuckit im just going to buy fixture stuff and cutters so i can do more with it
and run this setup until it makes me pissed off
he prob like walked over and stuck his hand onto the cig

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good luck with her not being broken or crazy or something
i wanna redo my cnc
the drivers and steppers and enclosure and spindle motor
prob like $1k done pimp =(

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dx^: neat @ girl
last girl i talked to was english teacher
she took my cig and crumpled it up

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tekrad: heh @ bahrain gp pole
good season

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why does timecop need to do software uart
i thought psoc were ninja cant they just do it and dump it out a part

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