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senna blew it up

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when i started reading about F1 was right after that happened
he prob means senna
wow thats funny
prost yay

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the imagecraft thing at cypress says i have to get a license
free how
yeah but why is it free
wtf @ non optimizing
can i route the peripheral blobs inside to any pin or is that more fixed or what

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what is psoc non-volatile
is like nvram psoc?
are most their instructions single cycle?
@ 24mhz execution?
so what compiler is free

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dude where is the asm in the datasheet
whats lmm
what i gotta flip some bits?
whatever like how often do they race in sand
whatever i want to see how the shit works
you do that with asm
i wouldnt do arm7 in asm, just the parts i have to
wtf @ sandstorms when engines have to last like 3 races or whatever
is the free shit from cypress?

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why would that be special =\
how much are these things?
do they want money for the ide?
omg avrkilla
wait what
c compiler costs
how the fuck do you program it
i mean without c
oh sweet
i want a los angeles gp
in the forecast?
jezus fuck
make a strategy for that
i bet they call it
it prob has int vectoring
so how much is the c compiler
and does the asm still have the easy gui config shit
free, o?
whats limited

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doesnt have some flag you can pole?
weird so these things come like unconfigured digital and analog blobs and theres a harvard architecture core
or wat
like i guess you setup the hardware in their ide and use their c functions
or maybe you setup the hardware with c functions
or maybe both
one is slow like a flash reprogram?

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this thing has analog processing!?
looks like it has two opamps
this one at least
and theyre just swapping shit in and out
pretty neat

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i like the racing so far
new rules are def win
it seems to have fucked mclaren
but brawn gp is pretty neat
whatever they were nothing a month before the season started
ex ferrari manager pull a team out of his ass with dead honda
and i like barichello
its like early decade ferrari without that fucking asshole
its pretty neat how competitive it is now tho
haha some of the penaltys are stupid but it makes it interesting
youre going to burn out your flash
you only get 10k tries
for the program flash?
says 50k
damn thats neat

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these things have built in dacs?
or its pwm
no its says 4x DA converters
is that a real dac or is it just a pwn output
neat how fast can you update it?
wtf @ datasheet layout
stfu f1 is this weekend?
china was last week wasnt it
theyre doing two weeks in a row again? wtf
i dont usually watch practice

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timecop learnt

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damn why are you so angry at atmel

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i can use that for the flycutter
reduce the count in the timer by three most likely
youre a weird
that would work tho
yeah you just go in incriments
heh i can see that
like a router bit

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need to do these pcb then mill the mounting blocks for the biamp chips
yeh rly
i wanna try and turn some stuff with my taig
like, jack the stock into the spindle
its funny you can like setup diff tool stations and do multiple turning operations
hehe h4x
not on my machine
i have to buy one from taig
yeh thats what you buy for them
hey are normal cutters left hand or right hand cut?
like if they cut towards the left they are left hand cut
i think thats how it works
but thats called left hand cut?

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er, absolute Y ref i guess, but its parallel with x
oh, neat
heheh you jacked an endmill into a collet or a drill chuck?
4 jaw chuck is neat huh

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fixture is open bottom
parallel with the inside faced of the clamps with the screws
like, if i dont hit the pcb clamps i dont hit the fixture underneath
well, no not for this
but the reason i made that fixture was pcb flex
the .008 space/trace stuff it matters alot
if you hold it flat all 4 edges they cant really flex
also the back edge works as an absolute X reference
so you get that parallel, and then you can flip and not have to worry so much about your Y alignment

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almost done
didnt scale it down or anything so its too big
thats a trip with the cam the endmill looka like its not spinning
its doing 10krpm

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friday night pcb woo
unregged psu
big metal block bridge IC and a pair of panasonic TS-HA 10000uF 50V caps
and some thru hole male fastons
heh its single sided but im doing it on double sided pcb =\
im going to sand of the front side copper at work on monday

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who the fuck is longcat
why are you an op in #lemonparty
k weird.

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ac-130h: companies only have to buy it once
so like it doesnt matter if they charge less they probably wouldnt sell many more
so why charge less

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you need that for the female side
and you prob dont want to be soldering, you just need a good crimper
if you get that from digikey youre gonna get fucked

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you crimp the stripped wire with the wider flanges
and the insulated wire with the smaller one at the end
and yeh you usually dont want the wire to go much past the crimp flanges
itll mess up the way some things connect
neat they got a little rubber seal
apestate: actully its a male pin you can prob stick the end of wires in there fine

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