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dx^: where is pics of awesome graphs and code
i has one
why cant i run compilers? =\
well besides avrstudio because obviously it can do that

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that seems not as sane

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sounds sane
this lady is nuts
and youre saying slab im thinking like some 1 ft^3 block
400C is hot yo

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moon this is lab grade coke its probably pure

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good that you have a plan
and they prob wouldnt give you insurance if you were financially fucked

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mm pasta
nirvana box
heroin attachment!?

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i emailed boss saying i dont want to do anything physical until dr checks me out tomorrow
but if i should come in anyway maybe he can find something else for me to do
timecop: http://penny-arcade.com/images/2009/20090422.jpg
cmon you know youre laughing

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i have to do laundry
stoppit i need that!
yeh kinda =(

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