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should i get TiCN coated tap
i can save a whole $2 if i get the chrome tap
thats maybe the most awesome $2 in the whole order tho
the other $2 is like, couple dozen screws
dx^: heh
gary coleman smashes his head in the wall
this is AP
nice youtube

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or have some fucked up zinc coating
i dont want some coating to be all flaking off
maybe its something else im thinking
is zinc blue? because its not that
the grey shit flakes off
okay but i want stainless
and it cant be phillips screw has to be hex sockets
or basically once i assemble this its going to be a nightmare to dissassemble
haha yeh
it seemed neat
i dunno
he was hacking his taig
like when he was coming on last

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the amount i have to pay for fucking screws jezus fuck
cuz you have to get 100 boxes of everything
like, you can get packs of 10 for some other material screw
but it ends up almost being the same cost
and fuck 10
it sucks because i have to buy these long ass screws to mount the chipamps
they wont have what i need
well i looked at an osh
i dunno if we have an ace
they wont have button head hex socket cap screws
and theyll prob be shit steel

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dx^: better
but im going to call work and ask boss guy if i should come in
because like 80% of the work im doing is physical
and i dont wanna do shit until i see a dr person
which is thursday
like i got to my car and my class and back home fine without my cane thing
just really slow
that cane thing sucks too it makes the rest of my body achy
yeh rly wtf
this show sucks

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yeah i figure itll prob end up being an FPGA project or like an arm9 thing, to do alot of summed filters
i have to read more about it tho
cuz yeah fuck buying a $1000 crossover box
and fuck buying the $300 beringher
well unless i can try and test it first

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thats prob not very hard!
so after amp thing is done and tested i want to try some dsp and driver coding stuff
like realtime fft and filter stuff
is my response to falling in love with the $1000 1U digital crossovers at work

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trying not to do anything new until i finish that
other hacker at work is getting restless!
but yeah i tried eagle 5 for the milled pcb for the led thing
01.jpg thru 07.jpg
shitty pics because my legs was all fucked up i couldnt really stay still or crouch
neato art stuff tho ^
tekrad: its kinda the reverse in context of most the other pieces at her show
those are like the grown up ones

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for usb stuff or uart stuff
i guess is what i mean
sounds like uart stuff
itll do full speed usb2 tho?
i need to learn to do pc side code i feel this is like a huge black hole in my skills
finished art show leds, half finished with building biamp

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this is ridiculoud how much imgoing to spend on screws
now ill have to design shit to use up my screws or something
blackmoon: i had a 10x6x0.2" plate of 6061
which would be awesome for the toroids mounts i want to do
its gone
some fucking metal gremlin stole my Al plate
im quite disturbed over it, like how do you just lose a piece of metal that big
you have obtained sec from ftdi or something?
do they have some pc side driver thing

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hmm no
whats that
yeh that would be neat
hmm i dont think you can really fix centercut endmill like that
not sure
apestate: how do you resharpen centercut endmills
no im saying if i could do that for my endmills
yeh but im not sure you can resharp the bottom of centercut endmills
well without some super grinder cnc thing

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haha wat
kief is neat moon
like, the harvested xtals/glands
sometimes they compress it
this stuff is almost like brownish green gypsum
sometimes it is looser or greener
keef kefe kief
ive seen it spelled all three ways heh
its kinda like hash that doesnt bubble

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gerbtool = orcad
i was trying orcad and ewb around the same time
i got gerbtool with another app and i really liked it but couldnt ever find it again but now i know where to look
ha what

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`nico: oh no shit
maybe thats why i had it
all this time i remembered it coming with ewb
so i walked all the way to class then back to car and then from car to home
i seem to be somewhat functional again
but yeah gerbtool was the shit
why are you trying to break me more!
i have to call boss tomorrow ask if he wants me to come in
because like 80% of my job is physical shit
i prob shouldnt be flippin folded horns and shit

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`nico: omg where did you get gerbtool
wtf warm bath has made hip worse

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oh theyre cheap
i guess because noisy
neat @ psrr
doesnt seem to matter very much for a 5v rail part tho
ha @ 110db full temp rage cmrr
that is neat

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under .5V dropout at 10A!
anyway thats not in the special regs section youre doing it wrong
neat maybe you can get it in sot23
what did he say
use more caps?
its noise spec kinda average
nice offset voltage

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jezus fuck ask the digikey
decent specs + cheap price + mad availability = good ldo?
Voltage Regulators - Linear (8,434 items)
when i search linear regulator ldo
and click in stock

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joellama: haha at 'pay attention its one of the most important small cars in history'

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that is kinda neat
so its just that chip on the left and an lcd driver?
its inittabs bot

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but it can be slight small
its the link, for nylon insulator washers
says .112
thread outer diamater
haha this has to go thru a 7/8" block and a to-220
they have #4-40 in 1.25"
thats just ridiculous!
are they threaded the whole way too?
fuckin $8!
i just need 4!
not 100

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LM3887 size
but i get insulated ones
i see alot of stuff at work its like a little silicone bag goes over the to-220 or whatever
and the heatsink clips the chip to itself
yes exactly
i seen it on a few demo amp and psu
.115 is #4?

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like, mount that
so thru holes in the blocks, allen key to hold the cap screws while i bolt onto the back
go slowly so nothing slips and smashed pcb
and then i need to mount to-220
non insulated of course
so i need to buy insulators and washers
or scavenge them
i think they were cheap at digikey tho...
i think the ones i picked were .3C/W
or .7
not much

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.wz 91335
16:07 <@renesis> .wz 91335
you guys are like us youre like 10-15F hotter than LA
yes remember when i see the carnival at reseda park i always think of you
blackmoon: check those links
all of them?
ok cool ty
got it
yeah i kinda want to go to osh to check for some of this shit
$15 for 100 #6-32 x 1.25" and 100 matching nuts
i need like, 10
but if i get another type, ill get like 10, for $10 or something
which is like, cheaper, but wtf
for better stainless
yeah mounting these things is kind of a pain
because the front of the chips are underneath the boards facing each other

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their site is fucked up
yeh they just show up jnext day
dude with a clipboard, i bet he has a van

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blackmoon: anyway when you tell me which flat screws you want ill order

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blackmoon: no because i couldnt find the flat head machine screws you wanted
also i had to redo order in firefox
because mcmaster acts like on crack in chrome

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!ws 91335

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that shit is expensive tho

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billion times, no fucking up
like whatever
kevtris: its not the billion times a sec that amazes me
its that itll do it for weeks or years or whatever
pc = emi shitstorm
you mean like on a test fixture or in a pc?

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kevtris: they all come with xp now
theyre the only things that come with xp
only the original asus netbooks had linux only
they cant mean tray apps
i havent used winamp in years
i dunno if fb2k has tray stuff if it does i have them disabled

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ha no atmega88
was what i had with a multiplier
shit i should have taken pics of the boards
like, they can legally sell that?
its not some freeware demo
3 apps wtf like its 1995
tons of people because itll prob come on half of every lowend pc

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as long as you put her name and show
er yeh do that
all that shit is from bad angles from too high
whats a d40
how much for that
i need a new cam this thing was cheap when it was new which was like prob 5 years ago
yeah but i maybe want a real cam
newer cheap stuff is better at autofocus and lighting and stuff but still kinda sucks

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well, she had me do the electronics and her bf ended up doing the sperm diffusers to her spec, and she got help doing the unfired clay display things
the rims for the sand and mulch stuff
well kinda
that one and another one
i didnt get pics of
like dark grey tubes with red glass tubes in the top
and the red glass tubes had a red glass tentacle with blue-grey orb ball at the end
no thats just her style for years now
the name came after
but the little tidepool looking marbles and the ruffled porcelain biotube things is just what she does

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no that was sandi
she put the piece of her grandma with no torso in that
its better im kinda walking
4mg valium
oh these pics are too big
thru _07.jpg

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better than glowing sperm
she ended up sandblasting them
ceramic/glass tubes
so kinda
sec ill upload couple pics

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anyway maybe later today or tomorrow ill go take better pics
only like 2 came out nice
they were older family people with cams they maybe dont flickr!
im just saying, because the other stuff looks better
well, its art tho so its subjective and everything but two of the other displays were ++awesome
and then like 3 more were pretty awesome
no lighting just ceramic and glass
same simple bioforms theme but just pulled off better

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macegr: no because i coulnt really crouch
theyre setup for a couple more days
yes im all sciatic gimpin since the weekend
also there were people with nice cams taking pics
her family people and stuff
so they were either in the way or doing weird shit to the light
so i want to go when i can move around better and people arent there
eukaryotes at csun west gallery
it was just her thesis show, wasnt a big thing
she had alot of work, tho

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looked ok

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blackmoon: did you want both screws?

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wtf is dlc, the addon?
i was totally offended by the mix n match ending
i havent played since
i like the wastes and alot of the missions
but the main story was kinda wtf
like, wtf is bethesda trying to make me cry or something its not working this is like funny level: timecop
but it looked cool and they did good with the UI

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is a neat link

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yeh rly
actually sometimes it feels like that would help
like i need some huge dolf lungren dr mufucker to yank on my leg

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i need to get a more pimp wooden cane and one of those hats everyone wore in the 30s

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inittab: !
that hurt to think about
in the grill
wtf is a face

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k i think mcmaster is broken in chrome
oh, heh
while i was knocking out on muscle relaxers i heard that rachel maddow girl say 'like rats in winstons cage, er i mean insects in a box'
i <3 her

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mcmasters site is now officially all cracked out

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