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heh @ topic
is 3a and my stupid leg hurts and im all wet

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omg pain i has it

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or you do your slot, one motion
then you step z, repeat
then after you are done, at full depth you do perimiter/finish passes
really you can do it however you want
some methods will be faster but wear tools
some methods will conserve tools but take longer
some methods just kinda wrong
yeah you want it to be constant so you know how much to change
like weather to feed slower or faster or if you can go deeper
with manual machining you can kinda get away with more because you can actually feel how much the tool is being loaded

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weird cars doing hill climb ^
it depends on the machine
on mine that deep i wouldnt try more than like .001 or .002 cuts
so feeds/speeds setup for like .001-.003 cuts, and then go the same depth
i dont have 1"
yeh by cut i mean cut per tooth
i would make it 1 mill wider
and set spindle and feedrate so each tooth was taking a .001" bite
basically your feedrate per tooth
4 teeth per rev
either or
one typical method, lots of canned cycles like this
you do like passes along the X
and step up on the Y, to do a pocket

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blackmoon: also you can get hex shank drill bits
i thought it was weird but osh has them

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23:45 <@BlackMoon> do endmills cut sideways? like can the bit be like, 1" below the surface of the metal and take 10mils off the side of a plate?
thats why they are endmills
some of them wont cut down
or they only downcut along their perimeter
but centercut endmills
they cut sidways and down and are usually cheap
finishing or roughing endmills wont be centercut alot
so to do pockets you have to make a hole first
like, how deep and how fast depends on the stability of your machine and the strength of the tool mostly
vs the material
timecop: calculate time/distance it takes to reach terminal velocity, then divide the remaining distance by terminal velocity

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dx^: did you get teabagged?
forehead counts

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yeah i do reverse with hex bits all fuckin day
we have like three diff dewault ones, will kinda click like a ball detent when they are tight

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he was new and being nub and he wasnt an ass when we were like 'whats a throwt'
i dont remember what his question was about =(
ok hes geekier enough probably

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dx^: the sciatica came back
i dont remember who throwt is

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okay at least hero isnt totally dim

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i dont get it

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i gotta do some stripping and soldering tonight
ima smoke a bigass joint
that helps
blackmoon: you broke your chuck?

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omg hip is disintegrating
he understands
did you ever get your 3904 amp working?
danielson: ive had sciatica on and off for like 4 or 5 years
not like lower back style tho
like where the nerve wraps around myhip
not viens fools nerves
sciatic nerves are the fattest nerves in your boddy
nerve comes out your lower back and splits and goes down your legs after wrapping around like the back of your hip
my symptoms are the shit hurts like a mfkr
when its really bad, itll hurt behind my knee and under my foot
and it hurts with any sort of load
you could be lying down, shift your body like a half inch and it hurts massively
haha funny you say that
my dad has had hip issues, but...
ive had this for years right, and just the other week is like, OH YOU HAVE IT LIKE ME AND MY MOM
and im like ...

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no one except you uses the cli unrar shit timecop
ha i think i was using 7z in linux towards the end too

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wtf @ drag n drop
dropping onto the project manager or wat

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like i can make it work but its hackish
dicktrace you have to define it with points in some dialog
oh, i dont think lib polys, like for pads, interact with pcb editor polys like standard pads do
like if you put poly area over it i dont think itll avoid
ill have to try later

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new eagle or dicktrace or what?
its an autorouting thing or what is it
have they done custom pad shapes yet?
ignore options in DRC dont count
no like custom smt pad shapes
not rectangular
like say you have some weirdo segmented heatsink pads, i dunno
yeh but they drc funny
and they dont automatically do stuff on mask layers

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neat i did danielsons homework
kinda, my Vbe is only 4.45 =(
er, Vce!@#$

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