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wtf is she doing
sounds wiggerish
thats a weird shirt
heh look at her quadriceps!

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thats a big ass

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if you dont give it money it has to make money
if it has to make money, its basically a huge corporation
that runs you life
who fucking cares
you should stop smoking anyway

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home owners arent paying for it
eggsalad: should obama fix all the fucked up roads and sidewalks too?
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
ha what
its always going to be too much
no matter how much

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they should do an 900% tax on cigs
then id maybe stop
fat tax
they should just do mad sales tax
instead of income tax
that way you dont get taxed for saving
okay someone link me to the constitution
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare,
promote the general welfare
we should pay for everyones kids to go to school
if you have the capabilities, you should get you schooling on everyone
dx^: in cali its supposed to be free so they charge us 'feees' instead of tuition at state school
state congress fail

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whatever hes a politician
palin wtf
we should have an education system that matches our military
i dont mind having a badass military
you shouldnt put people on drugs in prison just for being on drugs =\
except for tweakers
yes it is
so is tylanol
no, its not a hard drug
most psychotropes are harder
physically addictive, physical withdrawal

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so yeah, if saddam was still there
would there be 500k iraqis dead?
cuz i mean, freedom is cool but dead really sucks
shock and awe, sigh
blow them up so bad that when its over they will praise you as their saviours
thats some greycz shit isnt it
sold out for the votes

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korea didnt work
iraq 1 didnt work
haha remember everyone was like OLD BUSH SHOULD HAVE WENT ALL THE WAY TO BAGDAD
turns out old bush knew wtf he was doing
haha remember that war?!
no barely because it lasted like 2mo
there was mil buildup for maybe 6 months
and then a few weeks of air shit and then some mad quick ground thing
then hes like fuckit we out
obama is like, OKOK 2011
this time the iraqis say so
deomcracy and independence and all those things
[got your M16 and your M1A1]
'iraqis like us' who doesnt like you in front of you when you have mad guns and can rain down laser guided bombs from the sky

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haha yes
the plan is until 2011

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hah @ happy and determined

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whos biased media is full of shit?

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like i could smoke a cig at my table while people in the non smoking section were like 20ft away
it was so wrong!
obama pimp hat pics ftw
damn temp is up again
ttmustang: http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/5927/wallstatsdatlarge.jpg
mil spending = 68%
dep. of defence up 7%

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so anyway, you wanna see shit get crazy let a ton of banks fail
because thats fair, thats capitalism
neat i wanna see that tech
its called stock holding
dont fail and then you wont need to be pwnt by the gov to survive
i have as a kid
i want to before they go away
as much as i smoke private smoking areas like that weird me out
smoking sections in WA were a trip

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rab: i think timecop_ has gotten some
im pretty sure the big frame goofiness was thru chinapcb
dig that honesty
it looks like it was made for some sort of machine
like some auto squegee thing, its mounted to a frame tht was like 8x11" or something
ha i did loose/lose too
orcad, noooo
ttmustang: hi obama cut your taxes, bush cut rich peoples taxes
so stop comaplinaing about obama taking your money
hes maybe taking your bosses money, complain about that

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and you fool he increased the military budget vs bush
stop watching fox
wtf did the mil have to do with 9/11?
9/11 was either inside job or it was american incompetance
and it was on bushes watch
he had the info
we dont need to have bases in the whole world
al queda is mujahadin
which was trained by the CIA
during reagon
on the advice of cheney and rumsfeld
back in the day
our mil/cia created al queda
9/11 happened because america does bad things in other countries
they dont hate you because youre american and youre free
they hate you because america blows them up
and then camps out on bases
and never leaves
ttmustang: no this is established, this isnt lib media
we were helping alqueda/mujahadin fight against the russians
youre party lookin like a bunch of loosers and idiots lately

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this is the topic of said episode?
or your personal analysis
obama didnt ruin shit
shit didnt get bad in the last 60 days
okay i was a retarded little kid i could tell this country was fucked
rich people and sock holders ruined the country
corporations that sold out manufacturing
decades and decades of very poor legislation
saying obama is killing it is just silly
were already dead
we have been
not because of clinton
because of reagan if anyone
you guys like clinton now
clinton actually ran a surplus
he was fixing the thing you guys are soooo pissed about now
what moon said
blaming obama because he spent a fuckton of cash is dumb
we were already dead
as a stupid kid i could tell people this country was fucked because we dont make shit anymore
like 15 years ago
srs, obama aint done shit except dropped a fucklooad of cash into the country
as opposed to other countries
via war spending and outsourcing manufacturing
and guess what, our country NEEDS to have trillions of dollars spent on itself
because weve neglected infrastructure and education to a basically suicidal degree
ttmustang: we need to cut out military

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so he says uh alot
again, welcome to modern day america
okay look, if obama is bad its because of certain globilization issues
mccain isnt any diff, as far as his associations
except mccain is a spoiled navy brat bitch
he isnt a war hero
hes an example of what happens when overpriveliged people get to do things theyre not qualified for
he does
he married a rich bitch and decided he wanted to be a politician, so he moved into a house in a district he thought he could win
and used his wifes money to do it

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put the jeep to 100psi
better fuel economy!
haha when mccain tried to make fun of obama over the tire pressure thing
the governator came out like, ok cmon guys it really is important to maintain your tire pressure
public service announcements by the terminator ftw
obama said something like make sure your tires are inflated right to get better mpg
welcome to politics for like 50 years ttmustang
every news anchor and politician since forever reads prepared material
they work really hard on those speaches cant have the head douchebag fuckin it up
yeah wtf was up with that
wtf did you rly just say that

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`nico: i know but like, theyre exploiting tea
exploiting tea is wrong
exploiting stupid idiots is whatever, why they gotta try and ruin tea
they didnt get a permit
its a fox news party

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no i have a cold
or the flu or something
my mom got me sick =(
i was 101.3F before but it just said im 98.2
so i am better or maybe just the tylanol working or i died
it got cold yesterday
maybe 60s
and i was working in the warehouse and i didnt have a jacket all day
and then i went to school until like 10p
i got a thing of OJ
and a fruit tray
and i chewed up my non chewable multivitamin
also i got some kush
does not halp my throat =(
i can drink water
i had iced tea
hey wtf at these teabagger idiots
i like tea
giving tea a bad name
why is pineapple bad for stoners
i had pineapple today

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wtf now this thing says my temp is too low
i died

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im having trouble processing the metaphor
because like, dead taxpayers dont make money
so they dont owe any taxes

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but itll prob be moist is why i am worried
maybe there wont be sand inside the things so much so not an issue

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good luck sell leds
thats alot of led shit to demo
beach sand is prob bad for electronics huh

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those smt ones need aw youre going to do 8 zones
damn down key fail
how many led per zone?
how to flex pcb what
because if he made it twice as fine, hed have squarish pixels
you could put them side by side and do video type shit
1/8 the elements are still longish bars
but not a square
i think you werent going to go as participant then you were going to do commercial booth

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hmm that fiber optic thing looks pimp
divide by 3'
6 leds per zone if he counted each rgb as three
which looks about the right size
no 8 per zone
so 48 per tube
yeh, he gets gets finer than 8
you could do more pimp than that
*he never
i just see controller prices
like that or finer
30mA is abs max or like typical whatever

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the leds or the assembly?
its like, 8 of them tho
so you save vs shiftbrite
and get higher density
$20 doesnt sound unreasonable unless someone lse sells same thing way cheaper
rgb or wat
that sounds expensive
but i mean itll still prob work vs shiftbrite pricing
how much do they sell them for?
looks like maybe 8 leds?
wow that single moving color demo looks neat on those

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weird i can change than to then or i can add words to the end of the sentence to negate the typo
guys how do i make a cold go away
lying around and drinking orange juice and eating fuit and salad and eating vitamins is failing
i just feel shitty from lying around
how do you fit the 6 solder pads tho?
for the wires
sounds workable
that would be easy to ghetto rid too
just put them next to each other and solder some led pins across the pads
why not!
omg fine
but wouldnt led pins be way denser
prob not then

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dont we have shit named tranquility already
macegr: thats also why i burnt three
with the mta-100 i could prob just burn them faster
"However, NASA is naming its new space station treadmill the 'Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill,' or COLBERT. We have invited Steven to Florida for the launch of COLBERT and to Houston to tryout a version of the treadmill that astronauts train on."
hahaha, bitches
dont think i care i dont think ill be playing much anymore ever
heh @ fallout bugs
macegr: wouldnt they be longer than

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heh @ polkadots
steal his edge pads!
do it do it!
dude im soldering wires onto the tops of the pins
i dont feel like taking the pins out, sucking the solder out, getting all the wires thru
cuz i dont have them and this has been working for like months now i guess
also the wires projecting out to the sides instead of down will work better for this app
so i solder the wires on and 1" clear heatsink them

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heh @ paper tape printer
that would take more than one 5.25 bay
you just stripped the device of all its character
fuck running
that shit will give you bad knees
id rather ride a bike

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cuz its a fast horse, duh

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