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macegr: woo ty

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you kill them
you fucked up tho

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heh, manufacturers should release hard bottoming specs along with xmax

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'Some Cerwin Vega crossovers from Ebay and power them from one of my Peavey CS-800's.'
heh, i wonder is those are easy street or de soto ave crossovers
*if if if
macegr: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=295-490
shielded, has decent specs and is dayton branded
(dayton = parts express brand, so you know its not gonna be total crap)
oh and its cheaper

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i dont think they really have the distribution channels set up to come up on that
its just to get code onto the controller or what?
i would trust parts express drivers way more than all electronics drivers
18-5K response sounds silly
at least with parts express you have response curves and thiele-small parameters to calc boxes without doing all the testing yourself

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heh @ doggy doors

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heh @ woody

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macegr: you can ship shiftbrites by monday!?
need them by next weekend

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