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you prob mean the new sc
which is ugly
did you even click?
sc300/sc400 are mid 90s cars
its front engine rear drive with a long hood and sexy rear pillars
makes all the other toyotas look silly
but its dated, it looks horribly 90s
so why are you getting involved

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March 31st, 2009 11:59:59 pm
see they cheated too

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i just looked in the mirrooooooor
and things aint lookin soooo gooooood
im lookin californiiiiiaaaaaaa
$5 paypal to who can finish
feeling minnesota, wtf
its almost 04/01 so i wasnt gonna pay anyway

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we do when you paste us datasheets
maybe its high temp performance or reliability related
!ws 91335
so ultra dropout less and heat up less
with more current

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so i eq almost everything i listen to with this linear slant, maybe 20db down on the high end tweeter side
well, maybe not -20db all the way
i turned it off, headphone music hurts
also my tweeter and mid are likely waaay more sensitive than the 10" fishers
i hate it when music goes way out of stereo lately i think ive gone instantly def

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i need to make it happen
k now eat it and take pics
is euphelia a bot?
wow damn

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a little bit but i think thats like, bmw ugly
like its ugly the way all old bmw are ugly in the front
supras in the 80s were just ugly =(
okay perfect system, i think:
headphones + subwoofer

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timecop: lexus hasnt made a sexy vehicle since the SC400
and its a decidedly dated style
its kinda like a 1990s fucked 8 series bmw
i saw one today
so wide and low and boxy and gorgeous
it is
its like a toyota 8 series
it has the 90s aero jelly bean styling

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he wants to build a dual 4780 amp
awesome concept, package and pinout is h8 compared to 3886
im not even sure it saves space with a servo design
because the output resistors and servo chip take more width than the single chipamp
so youd have same width but youd have to spread the traces from the IC farther

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danielson: haha what
!addquote 19:46 < danielson> `nico, a long term relationship involves consensual rape to some degree
youre not saying anything at all
consensual rape is an oxymoron
`nico: yeh fuck that stuff

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mmm curves

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`nico: !
i have a black lian-li case with leds that shine bright black and make it blacker

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oil both sides of gasket, screw in very tight
those are like the coarsest/smoothest threads ever, heh

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