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macegr: how much is chronodots?
is it in store already...
maybe i should use that for permanent hold status vfd tube clock project

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so i made a sealed box calc spreadsheet
but i lost it
sucks, speaker cookbook guy gives this one table of constants without the equation to derive it
wow urban dictionary says what i thought it might be and rejected
its a 2mil radius
it did round the corner

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its looks like time gated FFT response (try and sneak in a sample before the echos get back), the low end of the curve is meaningless, heh
pretty neat
damn youre not even gonna fix the ugly pour edges?
naw cuz i set the line to like 4mil
cuz itll wrap around parts with less spacing
yeah i just turned those off

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its got a 5 screw mounting circle
i use the same acoustic test software as they used for this datasheet

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instead of thise half passive/half active 3 way i was going to do
tho i mean fuckit
its prob same money for coils and caps for the passive xover
i would avoid at all costs for my own shit
ill do it like whatever on timecops boards
tho i think i only had to once on this
did you look at that shit yet?

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yes and no
delete it
guys shuld i buy really nice speakers
i can deduct them
biamps with the amps im doing
waiting for the aluminum to show up so i can mount the chipamps
hahaha cuz i almost feel like a retard spending that much on drivers
and its not about enjoyment
its about my education!
research, yo
i want a woofer that goes up to 1K at least
something big
and a tweeter that can meet with it
and just biamp

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can prob do one that big with single shiftbrites per segment

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macegr: k they been throbbing white with dot correction low for um, maybe couple weeks?
no issues
no its a demo for his stuff
7seg > *
including analog
wtf are you a caveman?
who cares about wheels
giant 7seg clock
guys this hash stuff is great
i feel like a fuckin european
but its 7 segments
so its win
you can like, dime them
instead of turning them off

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weird shit
so someone else bought a lenovo netbook because i think theyre neat
so anyway, i did some more work and whateber
then other tech says other hackers bios say it has both
but they couldnt figure out hot to make it showed up
so i partition and formatted the fuck out of it like a 2nd grader
that shit really has both
i have to call english teacher and be like, yo do you have 150gb or 4gb?
now i want one even more
newegg doesnt have them wtf
lenovo ideabad netbook has 4gb ssd and 160gb hdd
no theyre awesome!
the v key on my eee has become ultra sensitive
oh neat
changed your mind?
my monitor isnt even that many =(

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timecop: check your mail
heh @ odd jobs, anythingg!
im out of sticky rice =(
i dont like long grain rice
well, for like red rice + chiken
but i dont like it by itself
brown rice is pretty good
k i think now is the time for weed and food and historic gt fakerace practice

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ms brown (troublemaker girl) had her bf over late, so wakes up late
and calls work like, i has a flat tire i cant be in until i fix this shit
goes outside, and her tire is flat
so did i when she told me
she has that kind of luck
timecop: okay its done
you should prob review the grounding w/ paranoia
also turn grid on and make the pour edges pretty

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heh, stuff like that is neat
tho for everytime i did that prob 10 times i went to far
sucks you cant fix went too far =(
once, in group home era
we were in the kids smoking area, and i finish my cig and flick the butt at the concrete
and it lands straight up
the burnt part all up in the air
and most the kids are like WTF WOOOOOOOOOOAH
and i kinda play it off like whatever
because its like one in a million thing, but its totally, completely meaningless
i actually have two witnesses i still talk too
like the most amazing useless thing ever

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it wont let me paste across sheets?
fucking dicktrace
nm it just dumped them in random places

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a bit
theres some stuff that i dont think can be fixed without reworking the entire power section
because how the chips are almost on top of each other
anyway i would try changing shit to 0402
yeah think so
yeah no coils
anyway it says its done
lemme quadruple check or something
none of them
lemme add the jumper

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there is between tgnd and dgnd
i saw it at the beginning
its a non issue to add it
gnding is kinda thin in some places

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ha nice
timecop: you know gnd is isolated completely from dgnd/tgnd, no?

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that board is pretty
mine, not so much
but its almost done!

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dgnd disconnects defeated \o/

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timecop: it almost has the look

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Rds(on) should be ohms
you sure thats not Rth or something
if its in watts its fucked up
k laters
yeah looks fucked up
do not has time

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