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wind is gone again

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ninjas always triple check
fuckin wind
15mph gusts
there is something banging against the side of the building
hey whatever weather is a big deal here
i hope this has nothin to do with the board im working on

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tekrad: its ok, i didnt like using windows for control at all tho
its alot less consistent than emc/ubuntu for me
like itll drell the machine for stupid shit
like, screen blanks, machine dweels
some app throw a task popup, machine dwells
but the software itself was ok
works well enough
anyway foods BYE

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dammit i want to make you a bot
okay back to doing dishes and making bacon fried rice

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ima go make some bacon fried rice
no i have a xylotex 4ch
but gecko drives look neat
i want a garage
user hit the x

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im hungry
fakeracing is hard work
!quote 15
!quote noodle
!quote poop
!quote 1

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i am all out of ginger ale
okay i was lying
but now i am

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woo i got a podium on 2nd race

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how soon do you need this?
i has a race and other shit to do =\
and laundry

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timecop: ^
needs polish
stitching grounds prob kill most the connectivity check flags
so yah timecop, im pretty sure this board is doable
thats lame how gimp captured its own tooltip

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hehe spider car
okay so um
those traces are routed
and ive killed all drc errors except the impossible on at the usb input
but thats timecops fault
dgnd broken 7 areas
gnd broken 8 areas
and thats it
doomboard is almost defeated
but now is time for efnet historic gt
here, sec

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your old one looks smaller than mine
haha @ this pcb
i feel like the spider on acid in the drug test
web all h4x

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timecop: then i gotta be deleting and replacing, no?
and im not sure it matters so much
anyway net connectivity was just grounds and some power and couple traces
two traces pwnt me but im like half done fixing that
yeah need just some gnd, dgn, and vcc33
and a ton of drc errors from the two mfkr traces

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yeah his expresscard footprint was upside down

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timecops pcb always end up so fucked at the end

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i can see how im going to do it
its not impossible =( =( =(
im not doing anything else until timecop comes back and surrenders the 0402 lib
no, his
i need to switch all the 0603 to 0402
i cant just swap them in schema, chance of fail increases catostrophically, or something
im hopping if i switch the part pattern it wont untroute it so much

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two traces on this pcb just pwnt me
heh at alternator welder
wanna know the shittiest part?

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joshua_: have you tested the boards yet?
i havent

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pizza here
mushrooms and peeperoni
blackmoon: is there pics?

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joshua_ and isabella have been here years
i think maybe ozzy and spybert were reffered by stu?
actually that seems kinda sane
as far as h4x shit

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jezus fuck timecop
send me the fucking 0402 ultralib so i can switch these things over without having to undo 50% of the schema
will it unroute it anyway?
timecop: ! wake the fuck up!
prov visiting someone
btw who is pharkus?
wtf mekius has been here like 10x longer than you
well because youre new
i dunno anymore

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you want your mosfet to switch harder, right?
is it switching power or what
blackmoon: this hash stuff is great
then you need some sort of half bridge driver
or an amp that sinks/sources enough
that rc on the gate shit prob not working so great
else youre doing an RC with the the driving circuit and the gate capacitance
rc on your rc so you can ramp up while you ramp up
yo dawg

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timecop: ok i think this might work
mostly just psu and gnds now
time for hash and pizza

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damn i always do that
ill route a a device on spi and forget about it
then at the end i have to wire a device like half across the board to it

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maybe high temp/capacitance/voltage
for rectified mains on the psu

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kevtris: im pretty sure theyre better
but i think the naming convention came from the 70s or 80s
like when computers actually costed $$$

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timecop: so tgnd to dgnd thru the coil and gnd is isolated?

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what kind of amps?
audio amps?
headroom, yo
i want to get a dsp crossover
and build rack amps for it
then i could totally throw diff speaker setups on them to try them out

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i think i can prob make that work
i have to figure out whare to put the psu stuff
topside has cool colors
timecop: creepy

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timecop: is there a reason half these parts arent 0402?
so i can change them?
oh fuck
theyre spaced for route between hax
well swapping wont take so long
everything looks like itll work out
i havent routed shit but everything is placed
k sec
need to stick three more parts in actually

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k fine?
k yeah looks same

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timecop: status of open cap
leave cao open for rework and do nothing on other end?
blackmoon: wait what
blackmoon: like you put this hinged thing in your vice with the metal?
i dont even have a nice like that
timecop: k will take pics
i did it different but its same shit live with it

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yes he dragged it into his basement thinger somehow
i dunno wtf tecan is
unit41 is ok
i think he blew up the usb ports with serial
get external in a metal box
no he has a project

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i just did a mass rotate
i dont know if i ninjad it or nuked it

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pharkus: schema symbols
he ryhmed butt with butt
he did an ozzy
Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of deaths construction
very first lyrics of the album
he rhymes masses with masses
ozzy = balls
timecop: this shit doesnt have polygon selection?
boxes are limiting
ctrl click is forever
yeah probably its habitual now
its ctrl

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timecop: what speed are you going for?
yeah should be like half the width
so you want the resistor networks on the input pin side of that bus?
i have to rewire tham all i think
it has arrows
oh nm
the arrows point at each other
theyre homosexual male
okay so networks anywhere
then i dont have to rewire

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timecop: no thats exactly what i said
its half divs or a bit longer
zzzz_: hi, waking up
timecop: so yeah 50us and 52us makes perfect sense
yes 20KHz
prob 19.blah KHz
is that fun?
it looks fun
kids playing games imagine that

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The webpage at http://timecop.mine.nu/scope.png might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
fucking raining
very slightly less, its lagging your divs

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